I get to go see Simon and Garfunkel TONIGHT

Yes, that’s right. You may all begin twitching with envy.

I’m so fricken’ excited that I just had to share. My little sis got the two of us tickets as a birthday present last month, which has of course elevated her to the status of Best.Sister.Evah!

I’ll report back 'bout this time tomorrow, and let everyone know exactly how wonderful it was. :slight_smile:

Have a great time. I’m seeing them at Madison Qquare Garden on Dec. 2 and I can’t wait either!

I’m going to Continental Airlines Arena on Dec. 8. (if we straighten things out w/Ticketmaster). Have a fabulous time!!!

I’ll be seeing them at Arrowhead Pond on Friday, November 14.


Rick and I saw them on Saturday night. It was wonderful–one of the best concerts I have ever been to. They have amazing energy for a couple of guys their age. Art’s voice is a bit huskier, but they both sound good and they sound great together.

Brynda (too much in a hurry to change the login)

They added us to their tour (Dec 21st). :slight_smile:

They are a shell of their former selves. They won’t play anything written in the last three decades. Why do you want to see this trainwreck?

They’re coming to Atlanta in December. I’m in two minds about whether to go see them or not. I loved them (and Paul Simon on his solo stuff) the first time around.

Let us know how it was, ok?

I’m seeing them in Denver on teh 30th…can’t wait.

So how was the show?


The stadium was packed–if it wasn’t sold out it was damn near, because I didn’t see a single empty seat anywhere. The set was almost nonexistent, the lighting was simple but impressive, the sound quality was great, and the performance was, in all truth, thrilling. Like Brynda said, Art’s voice is a bit changed–huskier, with a little less clarity–but still very lovely. I had a great time, and can only think of one song that I was hoping they’d play but didn’t (“For Emily”). The Everly Brothers came on about 30 minutes in and did a trio of their own tunes, and then the four of them did a really fun version of “Bye Bye Love”.
Highlights (for me anyway):

–Really interesting version of Homeward Bound that was almost upbeat, and had a pretty cool add-in where the drummer, keyboard player, and guitarist all took turns tweaking out the melody in a solo.

–A killer version of “Mrs Robinson” that was really amped up–they had a great piano player who kicked butt on this song.

–The guitarist (besides Paul, of course). They said his name, but didn’t catch it. Whoever he was, he did a great job.

–A snippet they played from one of their earliest tunes (like age 16). “Hey schoolgirl in the second row…” it started. Very cute.

–A really emotional rendition of Bridge over Troubled Water, it got a well-deserved standing ovation.

–Two encores! They ended with 59th Street Bridge Song (feelin’ groovy), completely appropriate.

And phreesh, I don’t know who peed in your cheerios, but I personally wanted to see them because I love the music they make together and think a lot of their songs are pure poetry. It was a total thrill to get to see them live–especially since I’m too young to have caught them on their previous rounds.
I certainly didn’t mind that it was not focused on new stuff. If I wanted to hear their recent stuff–I’d go to a Paul Simon show, or an Art Garfunkel show. But I wanted to see Simon and Garfunkel, and I wanted to hear all their old songs that comprise so much of my early memories of beautiful music. And considering the size of the crowd last night, I’m apparently not the only one who thought so.

Really, really fun and totally satisfying! I hope all you guys are treated to as wonderful a show as I was. :slight_smile: