I giggled myself to sleep last night.

For some reason that now eludes me, as debon err and I were about to drift off to sleepy land last night, I had occasion to reassure her that some particular aspect of our life would survive a zombie apocolypse, and not to worry about it.

Always ready with a pun she feigned (I hope) confusion and asked back, “Alpaca lips?”

Zombie alpaca lips,” I corrected. Much giggling ensued.

Our bed is a fun place to be.

I misread that as saying you “googled” yourself to sleep last night.

Lotsa hits for “alpaca lips”, aren’t there?

Yeah, I am boring enough.

Oh shucks, wrong forum. Hm… *Amending the OP * Share your undead puns.

Alpaca Lips Now is my favorite movie.

“I love the smell of wet wool in the morning. It smells like vicuna.”

Has anyone come up with a website called Fae Spook?

…are Laurence Fishlips and Sam Bottomlip in Zombie Alpaca Lips Now…?

I so wanna see that.