[i]goony goo goo[/i] and [b]gabba gabba hey[/b]

Am I in the SDMB context guilty of cultural bias if I use these phrases specifically, even if I refrain from exposing the races of the persons to whom I am referring?

What exactly are you talking about? Your ggg and ggh have me whooshed.

Well, if you’re talking about gelatenised wet-spots and a Ramones tribute album, what’s the problem?

Goony goo goo: think of Delirious from Eddie Murphy.
Gabba Gabba Hey: think of the Ramones.

If one makes an offhand comment and substitutes, in place of say,“unga bunga”:[ul][li]“goony goo goo”[/li]“gabba gabba hey”[/ul]might the listener have cause to become insulted, presuming the listener is Black or Jewish?

This seems like it’s taking a serious turn for either GD or CS, but…

What’s “Gabba gabba hey” got to do with Jewish culture?

(It’s a paraphrased line from the Tod Browning movie Freaks, which included the “pinheads” that the song was titled after.)

From The Dancing Detective, a short story by Cornell Woolrich (1958). The setting: a professional dancer in a dance hall is trying to convince her employer (Marino) and her customer to give her time off for a phone call.

goona-goo = to flirt
jive = customer

Thanks, Arnold Winkelried.


So I boosted my old lady’s bent eight tank and agitated the gravel down to the nerd stacks. Drivin’, at least there was a dolly or two in a flip-top, 'cause once I hit the cube closet I think I took you for a shuckster. The Dancing Detective? That old story? That’s pops talk, man. A 12-year-old rag is a pooper.
I will purchase and read of it for my Amazon birthday present. :slight_smile: