I got a camera!

Well, kind of. Actually, it was $7 on clearance at wally world, and it’s meant for kids. But it takes pictures! Not great ones, but I can download them on my computer! See! Those are my Beepers, they’re not that fuzzy in real life. Thisis my husband, he is that fuzzy in real life.

I’ll probably have more later, I want to go take pictures of my mom’s animals, they’re cuter than the Beepers. And does anyone have any advice about how to get better pictures out of a crappy $7 digital camera?

Really, you get what you pay for. However, you don’t need to pay for a top-line camera to take candid shots. Get a real digital camera in the $100-$200 range: past that point, the differences probably aren’t worth paying for, except for a professional or serious amateur photographer; but at that range you’ll get all you need, like auto-focus, auto-exposure, and at least 2 megapixels.

But you know, I think a person could take some really interesting shots with that camera. If you know everything will be fuzzy just use it to your advantage and get some really crazy creative pictures!

Probably not, crap is crap. Your best bet is to have much more light on your subject, hope they aren’t moving, stand about 3-5 feet from your subject, and take many until you find one that looks passable. Light is probably the most important thing. But that camera is always going to take crappy photos. That’s why it was $7.

You might consider springing for the cheapest real digital camera, they run about $90 now. They will let you know if you want to keep going with digital photography. This camera will be nothing but frustration and disappointment.

Yeah, that’s kind of what I thought. Actually, for $7, it takes better pictures than I was anticipating. But I’m thinking a real digital camera might be my Christmas present to myself this year. This one, incidentally, comes with a wonky little kid-friendly editing program (it’s called SnapKids), in which you can write a story and use the pictures to illustrate it. You can also convert the pictures into blank outlines, suitable for printing out and Crayola-ing. Good toy for my 7 year old, anyway. This is her CareBear. :smiley: