I got a job!

As with many of you, I’ve been doing the temp thing for several months while in search of a real job.

And today I got that job! woo hoo! I interviewed at 9:30 this morning, and got notification that I had gotten the job around 1, Eastern time. And I quote, from the HR rep who called to tell me I got it, “There are days when we interview someone and the director calls me and tells me, ‘hire that girl now!’ Today is that day.”

I feel awesome! The interviewed something like 25-30 candidates, too. Yay me!

It’s at an investment bank, it’s a fantastic job, and I’m really excited. Great pay, especially for someone just out of school, and great benefits, too!

Sorry this OP is so disjointed, I’m really excited and it’s affecting my writing skills.

WOOHOO! Great news. Now I got somebody else to support me when I retire in 15 years. :smiley:

That’s good! Good good, rubber piggy!

Damn longneck up there stole my response but at any rate:

Congratumalations! It’s a great feeling knowing that someone sees the value in hiring you, isn’t it? Especially when you beat out a crowd of other hopefuls :smiley:

They told me that they had a few interviews left, also - so I think they may have bumped a few off and just hired me!

The ONE downside to all this is that it’s business professional dress, which is only a downside right now - I’m gonna need to buy some nicer clothes before I actually get paid :frowning:

Oh well, it’s not much of a downside, as I like wearing nice clothes to work… :slight_smile:

Now convince them to give you an advance on your pay for the holidays :wink: