I got a job!

At the corner store, a Shopper’s Drug Mart–all of two minutes away from my house. It’s drudge work at the front cash for eight hours a day, but hey–it’s a paycheque. :wink:

I can go to school next year! glee

Congrats! I know you were stressed about the situation, but I’m glad it worked out.

Congratluations, K! Higher education, here you come!

Yayy! I wish I had a two-minute commute!

[Old Fart Mode]
Paycheque? Pah! You young whippersnappers don’t know how good you have it nowadays. Why, back in my day we worked just so we wouldn’t get beaten. And we liked it!
[/Old Fart Mode]


Now you can spring for a round at the next TronnaDope! :smiley:

Beaten! Who ever told you that you were entitled to a beating! I worked 8 hour days in a spiritual dungeon of an office and was completely ignored. And I liked it. In fact, I still work here, thank The Lord!

Congrats, Kyth! Maybe we’ll stumble upon each other if I ever visit the Shopper’s you’re working at? That’d be cool. :wink:

Come up to Avenue and Lawrence, then :wink: (When is our next Trannadope?)

Are we starting on a Python-quote-a-fest now? Because I don’t like spam.

Oh, I know that Shopper’s!! And yes, are we going to have a Trannadope? And how come everyone’s seen Monty Python except me??

Motion: a Python marathon at the next Trannadope. All approve?

It’s old folks’ humor. twinge in back Ah my back! Keeps going out on me…

And congrats Kythereia! I’m glad that everything worked out =) Have a celebratory root beer for me!

Works for me.

Who’s gonna rent the Dome? I’m not sure I could fit all of you into my zero-bedroom apartment. :slight_smile:

:dubious: Speak for yourself!

Kyth, congrats! I’m so glad to hear it!

Happy days Kythereia!

Just remember…

Cost of breath mints, approximately $1.59

Body Axe cologne spray for men, approximately $6.99.

Announcing, “PRICECHECK ON TRIAL SIZED BOX OF RIBBED AND LUBRICATED CONDOMS!!!” over the store intercome to embarass the cute shy young kid at the checkout counter… Priceless! :smiley:

Congratulations! I loves me some Shopper’s Drug Mart.

It’s also a pretty fabulous employee discount. :wink:

Hwy, I know that store! My Quasi-Daughter lives up near there! Maybe I should wander around the store shouting “Kyth… um, Kyther… oh, heck, I don’t know how to pronounce that!”

You’ll be right near the Pusateri’s, won’t you? You can push rich snotty women into traffic!

Not that I condone pushing even Pusateri’s patrons into traffic. Really.

Hooray hooray hooray! Wishing you luck in your new career! :slight_smile:

Or at least attend without worrying about finances and/or how much she can eat? :slight_smile: