I got a JOB!!!


As noted previously in the March pit thread, I have been furiously emailing, faxing, and calling various veterinary clinics, looking for a paid position that also fulfills the externship requirement for my last quarter of school, and I DID IT!!!

I had a working interview on Monday and an office-interview today. I was home from the interview for about an hour today when I got a phone call from the DVM from Monday. Initially, she wasn’t planning on making a decision until next week, but either I really nailed it or everybody else really sucked, because she offered me the job and I said Yes Please!!!

Plus, she offered fifty cents an hour more than I asked, so I will be able to pay for daycare and actually MAKE money instead of just basically breaking even. Then, when I pass my licensing exam and get my license, I’ll get a raise. That will be in about a year.

YAY for me!

Congrats. It’s a wonderful feeling.

woot! congratulations!

Outstanding! Congratulations!


Thanks everybody. Now I have to hunt for child care. We found a local lady we really liked back in January, but of course she filled up. But I think I’ve got another good lead. She’s near my route to work, seems to be level-headed and reasonable, and has the same first name as me! We’re going to for a visit on Monday.

Very good! Hope it’s exactly how you want it.

Good news and good luck.


Wooohooo. Wishing you lucka nd joy in your new career.

Whatever you do, don’t mention her to your friends!

Oh, and — Congrats!!!