I got a problem and I dont know what it is??

I downloaded the kaspersky anti virus tool kit pro to doa scan . it the log report it told me that i had an I/O error.
the error was that win386.swp was giving a acess denied message to the antivirus. Is this normal??
Also I just installed GTA 1 on my comp and it does not seem to detect my sound card , I have tried all the sound cards witha manual detect 2 , and it really is no fun palying without the sound!! I have a creative labs vibra 128 sound card and all my other games work just fine. Could the twp problems be realted

Any suggestions??

The win386.swp thing is normal. That is the swapfile, windows uses it as virtual ram.

As for the sound thing, try manually specifying ‘sound blaster compatible’ with all default settings.

I tried all the sound cards with all kinds of setting including default and auto detect .I have a creative sound card ’ Vibra 128 ’