Win Xp

Ok, here’s the deal, after installing Win Xp it say’s that it doesn’t support my audio card (CL PCI 512), so I uninstall it, then afterwards I find the update for XP, I install that but I still have n sound…I’m so confused. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated


It doesn’t meet the HCL (Hardware Compatibility List). Check the documentation in the manual to see if it’s on the Windows HCL–otherwise it won’t work that I know of.

First off, I’m assuming here that CL = Creative Labs. If not, ignore the rest of this post.

That said, have you tried installing the drivers for your card by downloading them off of the Creative Labs web site? XP drivers for most of their cards can be found here.

Yeh I dl it straight from their site and the sound still won’t work. This is especially weird because I have had to do this a while back and it DID work for me then.