I Got A "Snow Day"

I was working at, yet another, temp job and they called me and said “Don’t come in, the store is closed.”

This is the first time in my life, I ever got a snow day in a job. In school, yes, but at a job, no.

Yesterday they said, “There’s a blizzard a-coming.” (You know when things are “a-coming” that it’s gonna be bad :slight_smile:

Anyone else got a snow day or tied up by this blizzard. I am in Chicago.

Now I think I’ll go ask my neighbors if I can take their dogs for a walk in this mess. The two dogs LOVES the snow.

(And when someone uses plurals like LOVES instead of LOVE, that they REALLY like it :D)

Oh wait a minute I just realized I’m out 40 bucks :frowning:

Snow day-ish for me. 2 hours closed early yesterday, off for the morning today (at least - updates forthcoming). It’s pretty nutty out there.

Most people I know are off work for at least part of this morning.

I don’t remember ever getting a morning off due to snow - a couple of “get out of here, the weather’s getting bad!” type scenarios in late afternoon, sure.

My poor pug was flailing around out there, and he didn’t even make it into the snowdrifts.

I take powderdays: e.g. last Friday morning

Just got word that it is indeed a snow day. Yahoo! I’m celebrating like the local newscasters must be. :wink:

Last time I had a snow day was when I was stuck in DC after Christmas and couldn’t get back to NYC…I felt bad, but my boss was ok with it…apparently a lot of the NYC subways weren’t even running!

Working from home today. My first meeting of the day - out of 15 attendees only 3 were in the office. Two of them have condo’s that connect to the building the office is in, they don’t ever have to go outside.

I got to work from home yesterday. It wasn’t too bad coming in this morning, but the temperature is dropping steadily and everything that was slush is going to be ice again. I’m worried about the drive home.