I got a wonderful valentine this year

My now-girlfriend got me a wonderful series of Valentine’s gifts this year. She gave me a series of packages accompanied with cards, all of which were opened in a specific sequence. The packages contained a nice pair of wine glasses, a bottle of white wine, an IOU for one home-cooked dinner, and a set of lingere she will wear for the ‘afterparty’ :wink: . Simple, yet very thoughtful.

Things are going better than ever. 2009 was very off-and-on for us, and during the beginning of this year we both really changed our attitudes about each other and see each other in a much more positive light. I’m very happy about that, particularly when the timing allows us to celebrate such a wonderful Valentine’s day.

And for her gift, by the way, I got her flowers, her favorite cholocates (Sees), and took her out to a local fancy restaurant. Best evening of the year so far :smiley:

I’m an absolute sucker for romance. You both rock.