I got an acting job. In the Bering Sea.

OK I got offered this amazing job as a cook on a great new boat. The Pukuk

Great pay and super exiting destinations. We will be leaving form Homer and going to Dutch Harbor, The Pribilof’s, St Mathew, and Little Diomede.

We will be taking along a ten person film crew in search of dangerous seas. We will be leaving in a few days. October in the Bering sea will be crazy.
I have found out that they want me to act an have written script for me. The Captain just called me and said as far as he is concerned I am not obligated to the film crew. And don’t do them any special favors.

So negotiations are up to me. What the fuck to I get paid. I will learn more tomorrow but some of this will be super dangerous. Imagine Deadliest Catch in a 1/4 sized boat. Cooking and acting. This is not a documentary.

Oh and we are not to depart till the 2nd. And the film crew just called me to do some filming at The Salty Dawg.

SAG rates plus hazard duty pay? Royalties? It is a small crew.

We will be out at sea for 3+weeks, and some additional filming before we even leave it seems.

Yes, but what about the boat crew, oh cabin boy. :smiley: