I got assaulted Tuesday!

Yep, folks…someone was intent on bringin’ me down. Chances are it was The Man[sup]tm[/sup].

Anyway, I was sitting on the corner the other night. My friend was coming by to drag me off somewhere, and I was trying to make it easier for her. So I’m sitting on the the corner, leaning against the telephone pole, reading (Seven Plays by Sam Shepard, if you care), when something hits me in the head. I heard the sound of a vehicle, and my first thought was that a truck and driven by, and a pole or something sticking out of it whapped me in the head. Turns out that it was a couple of kids passing by on a moped, and they busted me in the head with a tomato with a rock in it.

Sucks to be me. In other news, though, Chicago seems like more and more of a probability. If worse comes to worst, I can always room with Joey Hemlock.

Wow, The Man[sup]TM[/sup] is really dragging the bottom of the barrel for agents these days. Either that or he’s even more insidiously clever than we ever imagined! Was the moped black?

Seriously, hope you’re ok and that these jerks get what’s coming to them one day.


I love Sam Shepard, and that book is full of good stuff.

Sorry about your noggin. It must have smacked you good, as I can’t think of a thing on earth that could be bad about rooming with Joey Hemlock.

When life throws you tomatoes from behind, ketchup!

Well shoot. Are we Dopers walking around with “kick me” signs on our backs?

First clayton_e, and now you.

I hope you weren’t wearing a white shirt!