I got punched in the face!

A creepy stalker dude punched me last night! My fiance Beth and I are walking back home late (1am) from the subway and notice this weird guy carrying a stick following a young lady who left the station just ahead of us. He’s walking in the street about 50 feet behind her, we’re 100 feet behind him. Instead of turning and heading home when we reach our street, Beth suggests following them further, just to make sure nothing happens, well it did.

The young lady sped up and ducked into a deli, so did creepy guy, and we followed. Had a quick chat with her and decided to head back towards our building together which should scare him off, only it didn’t. He followed us back yelling and threatening, until we ducked into yet another deli (Thanks 24hr deli guys!) and called the police. Figuring we’d be best off in the doorman building a stone’s throw away (we figured wrong) we get the deli guy to come out with us and the four of us walk over to the building together, with this creep still mouthing off and following.

We get to the building and the doorman lets us in, just as the girls were heading up the stairs, creep runs up and slugs me dead in the face! I think he was a bit put off that his surprise punch didn’t knock me over because he decided that he didn’t really want to hang out much longer when I started walking back in his direction.

Unfortunately, when the police got there a minute or two later, he was nowhere to be found. Today, I think I’ll make a formal complaint, not so much because my jaw is sore, but because this dude could be out tonight as well… :mad:

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, let’s review my mistakes:
Call the police right away!
If you’re in a safe spot, don’t go back to the street to find a “better” safe spot
A crazy guy within 20 feet of you can run up and punch you real quick, don’t let your guard down for an instant.

Gee, that sucks dude, but good call on following the damsel. So who are you gonna complain to? The police are already aware and I heard the Lord doesn’t return calls that promptly…

Well the police “know” but there is no formal complaint on the books, not sure if it really makes a difference or not, but it couldn’t hurt. I should have taken them up on the offer to formalize it last night, but I wasn’t exactly thinking super straight.

I shudder to think what could have happened to the young lady had you guys not followed them. You did good!


It’s people like you that make me continue to look for the good in people in a time when it’s really hard to find it.

Nice job. On behalf of the single women of the world, I congratulate you on your concern and your chivalry. And I’m sorry you got punched. :slight_smile:


Sorry you got a rap in the face but GOOD ON YA! anyway for being a stand-up kinda guy.

Indeed! Good job, Cheesesteak.

Way to go, Cheesesteak!

How’s your face?

I don’t know if a complaint will do any good but it is a good idea to make sure a report was made. Its possible that the cop that showed up was lazy and didn’t make a report. These crazies tend to stalk the same areas and it may help someone in the future if the the department as a whole knows to be on the look out. Good job Cheesesteak and that is good advice for everyone.

Ouch man. So were you turning around when he ran up? Or did he hit the back of your head?

At least he didn’t use the stick!

Did the women live in the same apartment? Or did she get a cab home or something?

Cheesesteak Ya done good. Cudos to the future Mrs. Cheesesteak. She sounds like a keeper. From now on however, if you have a cell phone, use it. Call the law before any potential violence erupts. They can pass a car around if nothing else.
Also, If you are in the habit of taking latenight walks, great…get a walking stick.
Be sure to press charges for assault on the guy. A good description will suffice and maybe ask the lady who it was following her. A disgruntled ex perhaps.
Without formal charges the police can’t really do anything. Even if they do see the guy.
What about video tape from a surveillance camera at the deli?

Keep us updated for further developments. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone, a lot of credit also goes to my fiance, she’s been in this sort of situation before and definitely wasn’t going to let it go. The police gave the young lady a ride home, after we canvassed the neighborhood from the back of the police car. Note: the rear seats in police cars are NOT comfortable.

I went down to the precinct and gave them the report, it got written down as “harassment” I guess since I gave the report after the fact, and didn’t need medical care, they can’t exactly call it assault, or whatever it might otherwise be.

badmana, I was sort of facing him when he ran up, but I was kind of looking at the girls heading in to the building. Didn’t pay him enough attention and he got me square on the chin. One small cut on the chin and a sore jaw is all I have to show for it. The cop I gave the report to was a bit disappointed that I didn’t jump on the guy and thrash him, which, in retrospect, would probably have been a good idea. At the time I was basically “Hey, that guy just HIT me!”

No way this guy knew this girl, he just passed her on the street and decided to head her direction, we saw it happen. It was pretty fortunate too, she left the station when we did, I tend to notice young, attractive women. We stopped to get pizza, she stopped to get fruit, so we were both back on the road at the same time, and I noticed her again. When the guy started to follow, Beth got VERY uneasy right away because at one point he was near us, and she thought “purse snatcher.”

Now I’m wondering if I’ll see this guy around the neighborhood…

He punched you in the face and you still advanced?


That will put the kibbosh on his thinking his stalk was successful.

If the guy actually hit you…it IS assault.
I’m not really big on pressin charges myself. But if it was even remotely possible that my wife could be confronted by that SOB and me not be there. Yeah, his ass is going to jail at least. Maybe worse.

No shit? Well give it time…Mrs. Cheesesteak will take care of that for ya. Mine did…she was so good to me. She’d say something about a pretty girl to me and I’d honestly reply that I hadn’t really noticed. Congrats on your pending nuptials!
A toast to the happy couple…may you have many happy years together.
and lots of little cheesesteaks in the future :smiley:

What really sucks is that you didn’t score a treesome out of it!
Welcome to NYC!

Good job. Be thankful he didn’t hit you square in the nose.

I was walking around club hopping downtown a couple weeks ago. This little runt shoulder bumps my friend and does a little trash talking. (Thank god they’re starting to enforce the curfew again!!) My friend didn’t say much, other than “hey man, fuck you” or some crap. I, being thoroughly intoxicated, didn’t notice a thing. I’m just walking merily along when my friend turns around and says, “I think we’re about to get in a fight”. I couldn’t even turn all the way around before feeling a blunt strike to my face. I finished turning, still confused as to what was going on, and I see this HUGE guy screaming and yelling. He looked just like [DEBO from Friday. He was wearing a dirty combed cotton tank top and pants a few sizes too big. (Which is suprising because this guy was enormous) The little runt must have grabbed his bulldog friend.
My friend pulled me by the arm and said, “Let’s go”.
"But wait!! I think I just got punched in the face, dude!
“Yeah, you did. Let’s go”
Apparantly even more hoodlums showed up at that point. As we walked, I felt the warm presence of blood on my lip. The bleeding started slowly and then gushed out Kill Bill style. We went into a Greek Deli (Delis really are awesome, aren’t they!!) and cleaned up with some wet rags.
No blood on my clothes. No more blood on my face. Time to get back to partying.

I very unimpressed with that monster. You’d think he’d be able to knock someone out, or at least onto the ground, with a suprise sucker punch to the nose like that. :sigh: Maybe if he stands on the street corner punching more random guys in the face, he’ll get better at it. My nose was pretty sore for about a week and a half though. I’ll give him that. Getting punched in the nose really sucks.

Very true, I got it in a pretty solid part of my head. He managed to ‘ring my bell’ but there really wasn’t much damage, I look like I cut myself shaving. If I got it in the nose or eye, that would have REALLY sucked!

You’re a better man than I am. I’d have pressed every charge I could think of, and then hired a lawyer to think up some more.