What a lousy week, or...

NYC, you’re really pissing me off!

As many of you know from my aptly titled thread I got punched in the face! my week didn’t start off that great, namely because a scumbag punched me in the face.

Fast forward to today, and I head out at noon, as usual, to move my car, and it isn’t there anymore! Oh, the joy of a stolen car! I get to take another trip down to the 19th precinct, get to make another crime report, and get to ride in the back of another police car canvassing my neighborhood.


For the record, I did call all the towing agencies around town, as did the police, nothing there. Nobody has copies of my keys, and Mr. Scumbag has no idea what my car looks like, or that I even have one, so it’s highly unlikely to be him. Thank goodness I have good insurance!

On a somewhat brighter note, so you all don’t think I’m just a Negative Nell, I’m actually scheduled to close on the sale of my old apartment next week, which will bring in much needed $$$ and get that process finally done after 6 long months!