I Got Complimented and Welcomed to the boards! And I didn't even notice!

I ran a search, and I found that Searching for Truth welcomed me to the boards back in December. He also said I had hit his list of Favorite Dopers. :smiley: I am so flattered. A belated ‘Thanks dude!’ to SFT.

I feel so loved…

That’s great, Grelby! It’s a good thing, you know1 :smiley:

Running searches is a good thing, expecially when the search engine is working well! :smiley:

I’d heard of the vanity search from Esprix (thanks, by the way), but never did one till the other day. It can be good at times to see references to yourself and where other people have quoted you and stuff. Other times, it can be the most ill-advised thing to do! But at least you know how many times you’ve been mentioned… hehehe. :smiley: (in fact, I think I’ll do vanity searches way more often now, like every day or every other day)

Hope to see you around, Grelby. :slight_smile: