When's the last time you did a vanity search on here?

I mean, besides the one that you’ll do right now after seeing/reading this topic? :wink:

I do them fairly regularly, to see if someone’s responded to something I posted. It’s a pain, though, that the software doesn’t recognize your name appearing in a quote tag.

I can’t remember ever doing one.

Hah! About 10 minutes ago. I do them to check for responses to my posts.

They don’t really work for me; “robot” is too common, and “arm” is too short.

I don’t think I’ve missed much. I seem to be far enough under the radar around here that I’m not often invoked in threads I’m not already reading.

Never. I recheck the posts I reply to and I doubt anybody is talking about me otherwise.

No one’s used the word boyo in more than a week. I’m devastated.

I do 'em once or twice a week. I got into the habit because people kept wanting me to answer questions for 'em, but I wouldn’t notice the threads if I didn’t look for my name. But I admit my ego gets stroked at times, seeing my name mentioned to inspire awe or terror or ennui.

All the time. Easier to search out my posts and responses to them, than to subscribe and get annoying emails to follow threads.

On occasion. It’s striking how little people talk about me.

No, not little people. I mean…you know what I mean.

You can set it to subscribe to threads without email notification, if you were wondering.

A few months ago. I generally don’t bother, as I can usually anticipate the results, and they’re not flattering.

Just today in fact. I like it when people mention me. :slight_smile: (Who doesn’t?)

Really though, I wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed responding if someone had asked me something. Really.


I just did for the first time, and I found a thread that I. do. not. remember. ever. starting.

I mean, it didn’t even sound like me talking. But I was also weaning off of Celexa at the time, so I was probably not entirely in my right mind.

That was crazy. I do not recommend vanity searches.


I check a few times a week to see if someone has addressed and I’ve missed it. It doesn’t happen often, but it is so easy to do that I continue doing it.

Maybe once every six months, if that. I’m pretty sure no one has ever mentioned my name in a thread I didn’t post to.

Which means I encourage you all to do so. Feel free to make up something scandalous, if need be.

Did you hear what El Kabong did? It was beyond outrageous, and apparently involved a small domestic animal, a bottle of shampoo, and a plate of cookies. See, here’s what happened …

Oh sorry. El Kabong’s here. Wrong thread.

Never. The thought hadn’t occurred to me. I am however going to do one right now.

ETA: Well, that was as expected.

It’s the only way to tell if someone has replied to something you said in a thread without going through them all individually, unfortunately. I wish this were not the case, but since it is I will do it occasionally. The problem with this is my name is a noun. It’s normally a fairly uncommon one, but the SDMB posters are too damn well-read and articulate - they actually use it in their posts quite a bit.