Vanity Searches

I am having an immensely fun and revealing time right now because I have just done a Vanity Search.

I always do vanity searches (pressing ‘search’ on a post of mine) but this one is different - I put my name in the keywords box rather than the username box, and the resulting search has thrown up loads of replies that I’ve missed doing normal vanity search.

There’s a complement by Q.E.D. somewhere. There’s a WHOLE post about me, that’s NOT in the pit! (ATMB). There’s loads of interesting replies. I haven’t finished browsing the search results yet.

I guess there should be a point to this thread - Is it ok to bump threads if you are replying to something you missed in one?

Is it at all possible to post to a thread without bumping it (silly question. I know the answer is likely ‘no’ but there’s no harm asking is there?)

Forgot to say thanks Q.E.D. Thanks.

Every so often, I do a search on my username - to find a thread that I was reading and posting to, when I can’t remember the name of the thread, or find it on the forum page. I don’t even think of this as a vanity search - it won’t find people talking about me (which is the canonical reason for a vanity search).

I don’t do it with the keyword box, though. When I registered and chose my username, I wasn’t thinking about vanity searches, and didn’t choose one that it would work well on (the way it would on, say, the user name “lobsang”).

As for bumping - I thought a “bump” was to add something without really replying, just to move a thread up to the top of the forum. If you are replying to something you missed, how is that different from any other reply?

As it’s something I’ve missed - chances are it is on page 2 or even further back, so replying in it would be sort of a bump. or resurection.

Hmmm. What an interesting idea. Never tried it that way. The most I’ve ever done was to search my name to find threads that were recently hidden.

'Cause I know nobody’s gonna be talking about me.


I’d missed a bunch of replies to my posts before so that’s exactly how I start each day now, just putting my name in the keyword box and checking since yesterday, except for Mondays when I go back a week.

Oh… 1 bad thing… do you have any idea how many times people say “in lieu of” on this board on a daily basis?

My name doesn’t work well in the keyword box, alas. Too many variations of “Jess,” I suppose. Oh well. I loves a vanity search, though – I love to go back and admire how clever I was. Until I notice the misspellings and typos… then I just feel stupid.

Lieu this is why you need to change your username to
Festering Snotball.


Surely you Jess.

OK did my first vanity search… <<sigh>> why do people have to snark at you for having an opinion?

Think it was my last vanity search.

Every single time I search, I get piles of threads where people are discussing Ellen Degeneres! It’s much easier to put my name in the “user name” box, to find threads I’d been participating in.

Mmmmmm… piles.

Vanity searches for me became a pain during the war. Since I can’t use the word “max” in my search, I wound up reading more about bloodshed and massacres than I really cared to.

Thank God, I have such a unique username. I can fully appreciate how little people talk about me. :slight_smile:

0 hits in the last 6 months. I must be under the radar.*

*sounds better than “unpopular.” :slight_smile:

I’d done vanity searches before, but nothing ever came up because I’m a chronic lurker. And then, suddenly out of the blue, I got two results in one search. And bizarrely, Q.E.D. was involved. It was something about his doing unmentionable stuff to me in celebration of his 5000th post, which I now look forward to with baited breath.

I just type in “nate,” since many people respond to my posts that way. All I get are threads about Six Feet Under.

92 posts. Haven’t read beyong 1st page, but they all seem to be quoting me.

Is that PC these days? I thought you had to say midgets. And why do they, in particular, talk about you?