I got free stuff!

I decided to get some Starbucks this morning (white chocolate mocha, if you must know), which I rarely do. And I walked in cause the drive thru was stacked up. No one is working the counter. I hear voices "in the back"m and there are two ladies working the drive thru. One of them finally asks what I want and I make the order. She prepares my beverage and, taking a look in the back, at the young (presumably) lady who is not working the counter, she says “Since no one is here to handle this order for you, it’s on me today.” I blink, say “Thanks” and hit the road.

The only thing better than NOT going to Starbucks (I try to patronize local businesses), I’ve discovered, is going to Starbucks and getting your stuff without paying.


Score. Bet you’re going back some time soon, greedy.

Aren’t you?

AREN’T YOU?!?!?!

[Kenny Rogers]

You gotta know when to fold’em, know when to walk away…

[/Kenny Rogers]

Had a similar experience at a fast-food place a few weeks ago. I needed some breakfast-like food in a hurry, so I go in. Nobody’s there. I hear voices. “Hello?” I call out. Someone appears and apologizes for taking so long. I place my order and the guy gives me a coffee cup along with my change.

A free cup of coffee from Carl’s Jr may not be the same as a free mocha at Fourbucks, but free is free!

except that the cost of your coffee is going to come out of the pocket of the twinkie in the back who was not manning her station.

I had a weekend of freeness once.

Mr. Athena and I decided to go to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. Although we lived only 40 miles or so from the convention hall where it was being held, we decided to spend the night in downtown Denver so we didn’t have to drive home after drinking beer all afternoon.

I got on Priceline and keyed in “$50” and “5 star hotel”, not really expecting to get anything. But I was wrong! Our bid was accepted by a purdy darn nice hotel within walking distance of the beer festival - the kind of place that easily charges $250/night for a room.

We drove down, checked into the hotel, and headed to the beer festival. As it happens, the day we went was the day before the first day of the show. It was a special day, the day when all the awards were handed out and was primarily for the beer vendors themselves as opposed to the general public. The public could come, but instead of a $10 or so admission price it was more like $50. Still, it was the only day we could go, and you did get a few freebies and it was much less crowded than the other days, so we decided to suck it up.

Only, as we approached the convention center on foot, a harried-looking woman stopped us. “Are you going to the show?” she asked.

“Yes,” we replied.

“Do you have tickets?”

“No, we’re just going to buy them.”

“Here!” she shoves an envelope at us. “I have a few extras that I can’t use.”

Inside the envelope were 2 tickets. She was a vendor of some sort and had a few more tickets than she had customers/employees for. $100 worth of tickets… free.

Later that night, after the show, we wandered into a coffee shop and ordered two shots of espresso. We said something to the barrista about how we loved this shop, we thought it had the best coffee in downtown Denver. Next thing we knew, she said “These are on me.” So we got the espresso free, too.

Unfortunately, since then, everyone’s made me pay for things.

At a fast food restaurant? Not likely. They throw out any old/unused coffee regularly, or at least we did when I worked at one. Plus you can bet that the employees regularly drink soda/tea/coffee for free while on the job, so I’m sure it was just a nice gesture.

Or maybe the guy at the register just forgot what you were drinking, and handed you the wrong cup. :wink:

“I get free coffee since I’m so pretty.” (that was “DJ” - delusional Jali speaking just now… just humor her and she’ll wander away eventually)

I once went to a local ice-cream-and-shakes place in La Jolla with a couple of my friends and ordered a small shake of some kind. The guy grabbed a ‘large shake’ cup, filled it up, and then said, “I’m so sorry, I was thinking about something else and I grabbed a large. Want a large for the price of the small?” Uh, OK, thanks!

My friends chalked it up to me being Jewish.