I Got My Google Class Action Suit Settlement Check Today!

I didn’t even know I was part of this class action lawsuit, but boy was I surprised to get my big settlement share!

It is a check for 55 cents!

I have no idea how to spend this windfall.
Suggestions welcome.

Hookers and blow, naturally.

Most important, don’t let the sudden wealth deform your character. You may be a rich man now, but don’t forget you’re still human.

And show some compassion for the folks who worked their fingers to the bones to make this fairy tale come true, your lawyers: Put a smile on their weary faces. It doesn’t take much. Buy them a warm meal, new shoes, maybe a warm coat for the winter.

small candy bar?

A stamp to send it to Google with a note telling them to spend it on process improvement.

Buy a share of Bing?

What is US postage these days? You could spend the 55 cents on a stamp to send a letter to the lawyers thanking them for winning the lawsuit. :smiley:

Why are you asking us? Obviously you need to google “how should i spend 55 cents”.

Cones for all the neighborhood tards?

Heh. The second hit is the OP.

How much wan interest?

How many 55₵ cheques do the lawyers get?

Between you and your check and me and my 85 cent check from the power company, we can take over the world!


The sentiment is offensive; the phrasing even more so. I assume this is intentional. Since you have a pattern of provocative behavior, I’m going to give you a warning for being a jerk.

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twickster, MPSIMS moderator

It was a joke based on a current thread in GQ, where someone made a reference to “tards” and unusual strength…

(it would have been clear to anyone who has read said thread)

Wow - great idea! We could form a SuperPac and run political ads in every state!
I will look into finding an accountant to make sure our seed money does not get squandered.

You should launch a class action suit against the shitty lawyers who only managed to get you 55 cents.

which will probably have the net result of receiving a check for 54 cents some day.

And the cycle will then continue. Kumbaya.