I got my report card!! OR What are you happy about these days?

Ohmigosh, I just got my report card in the mail. Well, I didn’t just get it because it came in the morning, but I went to my tutor in the morning and I just found it on the counter. And…

…Whoa, what the hell?! My history mark went down like ten points!! I thought my exam was decent, though. Damn it. But…I got a 99 in math!!! Ohmigosh, my math teacher wrote that I got a 100 on the final exam!!!

Oh, my effing Og, I got a 91 average!!! Okay, I’m calming down now.

On an unrelated note, I can’t wait for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. 18 more days!! (and three more for me and my friend because we’ve got to wait till it gets shipped to my friend’s house becaused she ordered two of them online on Chapters.)

So, uh, what are you happy about these days, if anything?

I’m going to Crete in 3 days and I just got a job closer to the rest of my family. Very mundane scuffle


I had a very nice bowel movement this morning.

I saved a bird today. It had gotten in the front door of my apartment building and was smacking itself against the window going “mep! mep! mep!” I got a towel, picked it up gently and hustled it out the door. It flew away going “mep! mep! mep!”

My girlfriend came in this weekend and we shagged like rabbits. I really, really, reeeeeeeeeally needed it.

I got paid today!

I got a work bonus and a raise!

Congrats on your report card!

  1. I overpaid on rent last month and don’t have to pay this month so I’m $500 richer than I thought.

  2. I’m flying to Florida to hang out on the Gulf Coast with three of the most awesome people I know (Nocturne, UnwrittenNocturne, and XJETGIRLX) this weekend and am then going to surprise my parents by showing up unannounced afterwards and spending a week and a half with them after not seeing them since late 2003.

Dudes and dudettes, life’s good, ain’t it? :cool:

I got a haircut on Friday, my favorite barber was on duty. He massaged my shoulders.

Tomorrow is payday.

Ooh, payday is always cool. Except, I don’t have a job, so I can’t enjoy its coolness with you.

I got a 97 on my Global History Regents (standardized test taken in high school in New York State).

Some people are going to be making an offer to buy my house. That’s only partly good news; it becomes wholly good news if it turns out to be a good offer.

I flunked out of high school, never getting a grade higher then a C. 10 years later (last year) I got my GED, and after 3 semesters at City college of NY I haven’t gotten anything but A’s. (a few A+'s too) :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the difference is when you actually want to learn, and when you’re paying for it out of your own pocket.