I got my settlement check!

That’s right, bitches, I got paid, yo. The eBay lawsuit finally settled and the check arrived in the mail today and I’m going to open it right here on the SDMB and make you all watch and writhe in envy.

So. . .ready? Here goes. . . .

::rips open envelope::

::stares in disbelief::

$.08? Wait a minute. Eight fucking cents?! But I made a down payment on a swimming pool!

Gah! They paid more to mail it!

Now comes the fun of cashing it-- imagine the teller’s expression. Insist on non-sequential pennies. :wink:

I got one from a settlement from credit card companies for international transaction surcharges.

So what was this about?

The Attorneys and primary plantiffs decided that ~9% of what we’ve all been screwed out of was a big enough payday, so they accepted the settlement. If I were an attorney I’d probably feel the same way because they got 25.5% of the settlement pool. ~85.7 million.

My portion?


I got a buck nine.

Now you can live life like a king! …sometimes, there’s a man…

I got a cheque for a cent one time from a domain name company.

I reported this in an earlier thread, but I got $330 two weeks ago in that settlement. I lived abroad for six of the years in question, so that’s why I got a reasonable chunk out of it. Caught me by surprise.

I am always baffled at receiving checks that cost more to mail than they are worth. I’ve gotten a few as class action settlements before. You’d think we’d have figured out a better way by now.

They could pay you in eBay Bucks.

They might be worth more.

Or maybe Shrute-bucks.

My job at a health insurance company that you’ve heard of involves ordering the issuance of refund checks to subscribers that have been overcharged. I’ve issued checks over a thousand dollars but on the other hand I sent one out for 4 cents. Nothing in the contracts says we get to forget about it if the overage is under, say, a dollar so I do what I have to. Whether they bother to cash it or not isn’t my concern.

Just be glad PayPal didn’t deduct it from your bank account, and move the decimal point four places to the left by mistake

I got a nickel.
I’m not even going to deposit the check - it’s absurdity value is worth more than 5¢.

I got $1.01. Yes, I deposited the check too. Years ago my employer use to give out paychecks just before Christmas that were estimates of what our actual check would be. Any positive difference would be paid when we returned to work after the holiday break. One year I received a check for 2 cents. I didn’t cash it. Six months later my employer sends me a letter because the check hadn’t cleared, they paid me the 2 cents on a regular paycheck then paid me interest on top of that. I still wonder how much it cost to add that 3 cents to my check.

Me too.

Jeeze, you can’t even buy fancy gum with that. :frowning:

I got $75 for that one. I filed the original claim years ago. I was doing a lot of international business travel at the time of range for the claim.

I got $6 from AT&T a couple of months ago too.

Yeah, I think I filed my claim circa 2004/2005. It’s been a long time coming. I had just assumed I wasn’t going to get anything.

Well, there goes my plan to ask you to buy me a new computer. :frowning: