I got my tax relief check (500 buckaroos) now help me spend it

Thats right dopers I got my money (nya nya nya nya nya) but poor ole Spidey doensnt know how to spend it.

I really want a PS2 but Missus Spidey aint to keen (know what I mean) on that idea. She wants to put it all in a CD. I asks why as baby Spidey takes all of out old CD’s and uses that as frisbees. Why would I want 500 clams worth of music. She rolled her eyes and walks away (WHAT?)So I am ignorant.

So I leave it up to you. Tell me how I should spend my money. A trip to the mall? Maybe a beach by the ocean? Decisions, decisions…

Well, if little Spidie plays frisbee games with CDs, a PS2 would probably be more trouble than it’s worth.

If it were me, I’d pick a stock for little Spidie and buy a few shares. Don’t touch it until little Spidie is almost ready to go to college. But that’s just me…

Bills, bills, bills…

Donate it to Planned Parenthood or the DNC.

Rocketeer’s model-centric answer:

Call up Lunar Models and order one of their 31" Disney-style Nautilus kits. $395. Spend the rest on paint and a really nice display case. oooooo, aaaaaaah…

Are you serious? Has she seen some of those games?? That’s money well spent!

(who hopes her husband says "How 'bout a PS2, honey? when their check comes!)

Well, you can become a parent like Lynn Bodoni did with her refund.
[Thanks, Lynn!!! :smiley: ]

Actually, a college fund sounds like a good alternative.

Do what the Amp family is doing, split up between each other and spend it how you wish. Two hundered dollars for Amp, $200 for Mrs. Amp, and $200 for milliAmp (of course he will be spending his on school supplies and uniforms, poor kid).

I think it would be really funny to sign our check straight over to Hillary Clinton’s campaign fund.

Can’t seem to talk the hubby into that, though. “But we don’t agree with Hill’s politics!” So freakin’ what? The two party system sucks. “We need a new computer,” he protests. Invigorate the economy!?! NEVER! That’s exactly what they want us to do!!!

We’re planning to spend our $600 rebate on our “big” vacation. We just had our “little” vacation this month, which consists of just day trips. Our “big” vacation is the one where we actually go away and stay for a week. It’ll be nice to have extra money to spend on fun stuff.

I have the perfect idea of how to spend your tax rebate.

Send me 500 dollars and I’ll tell you.

im donating mine. blood money, that, i want no part of it.

Splitting the money up is a good idea. To bad baby is only two. Guess I will have to decide the best way how to spend his share (Evil grin).

Donate? …er,uh, I gave at the office. The whole point of this check is to put it back into the economy. CAPITALISM BABY! $PEND $PEND $SPEND!

Afterall, as a patrioitic 'merican I have to do my part to refuel the economy.

Romanian Kalashnikov-style semiautomatic rifle, approx. $300 depending on your choice of caliber

five 30 round mags, $100 or less

1000 round case of Wolf ammo, $85-120 depending oncaliber

Your right to keep and bear arms - priceless

Well you could make a donation to the needy, LIKE ME!!!

Two words…

** Lap Dances **

Split it in half and consider one half as fun money. Go wild. Consider some of the Doper suggestions for spending it.

Take the other half and put it in a rainy-day fund for bills or emergencies. Or add it to Spydie Jr’s college fund.

That way you don’t feel guilty about what you spend, and you don’t feel deprived of fun for saving it. Best o’ both worlds.

Well, I’m not getting a refund check since I was claimed on my mom’s taxes last year, but I AM getting a bonus check. Unfortunately, my $200 is going toward paying bills. Alas, not very exciting…

Please, in the name of all that is Rational, DO NOT SPEND THIS MONEY.

This “rebate” on the “surplus” is a fraud, perpetrated by venal, short-sighted and arrogant people. They are squandering my money - YOUR money - in ways that you would BEAT your children for, if they were foolish enough to do so.

Send this money to the Democratic National Committee, that we might undo the single largest fraud ever perpetuated on the face of the Earth - the “election” of Gorgeous W. Chimp, the most laughable Chief Executive the country has ever known since Hoobert Heever.

Good god in heaven above. I’m a lifelong Democrat, but even I wouldn’t advocate putting the cash in the hands of that or any political party.