The $600 From The IRS: What Did You/Are You Going To Do With It?

I got my $600 today.

Bought a new upgrade memory chip for my laptop that seems to have made quite a nice difference (the chip was made in Taiwan, so no real money for the US economy) and then I bought an 80 gig external hard drive (made in China, ditto for helping our economy) to back up my files. Total was $130.00.

The rest is going to pay some bills…oh, and I filled up my gas tank- well, actually half full and splurged to wash my car.

End of that money.

I’m going to spend my way out of the recession!

(Actually, I didn’t even qualify for the rebate. :frowning: )

As a couple, we qualified for (according to the IRS calculator) a whopping $252. Honestly, it’s more than I expected, as my husband and I are both fairly senior engineers in our 50s, so we’re in very comfortable pay bands.

Our nephew has a degenerative eye disease that has left him, so far, with a blind spot in the middle of his field of vision. His doctor said a Wii would be a great tool for helping his eyes compensate, but his parents can’t afford to get him one, so that’s where our rebate is going. I guess we’ll be stimulating the economy a little, although it’s more Japan’s economy than ours.

Had it not been for this, the money would have gone to bills.

Extra mortgage payment and a pizza.

Probably pepperoni.

This month’s car payment, car insurance payment, three pair of pants, four pair of socks, a two-day trip to Chicago, a memory chip for my camera and some makeup. Good thing I don’t have to pay for the hotel in Chicago, or I’d be back to my plan of a one-day trip. and I’m taking the MegaBus, so my travel expenses are…$30 roundtrip. I hope to buy some yarn while in Chicago.

I used the combined $$ from the IRS to purchase a used motorcycle for my wife. She wants to learn how to ride (I already do). I bought it private sale, but the guy I bought it from is using the funds to buy a new bike for himself from a dealer, so I guess we’re both “stimulating” the economy.

We don’t get any money back. We don’t even get a lump of coal. Which, considering the price of fuel, might actually have been worth something.

I’m going to buy two months of health insurance. After that, I’m counting on the Powerball.

Plunking it on the credit card to pay for last winter’s repairs to our van, which died anyway.

Yeah, we’re not stimulating the economy with it. Too bad.

Throw it on the pile, I suppose.

We got $1200 bucks. We’re saving $800, and then we’ll each have $200 to spend as we please.

I finally got around to using the calculator. I don’t get one. My husband (we weren’t married last year) will probably get the whole amount. I’m going to hopefully get him to sock it away in savings or contribute it to his IRA, which he’s not fully contributing to at this point.

Closing costs on the new house, if it comes in soon enough. If not, maybe upgrades to the new house or a mortgage payment.

If a lump is a pound, about $0.05 for even an expensive marketable coal.

Even though I paid more in Federal taxes than the median gross income, I got $0 back. However, folks on here seem to think that’s completely fair, so oh well. :rolleyes:

Nothing special. I won’t even notice when the direct deposit comes through.

I finally got a real pair of prescription glasses after years of using generic reading glasses & I’m taking my semi-yearly vacation to L.A. in two weeks. That money is basically gone already! :smiley:

Going in the savings account.

Hookers and blow, of course.

I don’t know if the economy will be stimulated, but I will.

My husband and I are planning to give half to charity (I want to give a chunk to UNICEF; he wants to purchase carbon offsets). The other half will go into savings.

I’m not objecting to the refund, but I do find it distasteful that politicians want us to spend, spend, SPEND instead of using the money to pay down debt or invest. It seems like all this unbridled spending is what got us into trouble in the first place. (No slight on anyone who’s spending their refund on something cool, though. I’m just too much of a tightwad to do it.)

I hadn’t even bothered to figure out how much, if any, we’d be getting. I didn’t really think we’d qualify. Imagine my surprise when I found $1100 extra in the bank yesterday.

What are we going to do with it? Save it.

Lightnin’, destroyer of economies.