What you doing with your tax return?

For me, I’m going to buy a new HDD and a nice bottle of scotch. I might even splurge on a prostitute if I have any money left.

How about you guys?

Tax return? Tax return??


<wiping tears from her eyes>

Tax return!!! Hee hee!

Flying to San Francisco to spend a long weekend with rjk. :wink:

Well I need a new watch and a decent computer desk. Still looking for the computer desk…
monster apparantly does not have a good tax accountant :smiley:

Already spent mine. It came in a little before my amazing Financial Aid refund.

New monitor and really nice speakers for the computer.
DVD player and 12 DVDs
tape deck for Jr. Ranger 2
CD player for JR. Ranger 1
Clothes for the Jr. Rangers
3 months worth of house payments, utility bills and ISP service. In advance.
Bought a truck (used)

Still have a few hundred left in the bank.


I gave mine to the student loan company…

well, replace “gave” with “notified that it was diverted by the US treasury” and you have it.

What tax return ?! I OWE about $2500 this year.

::msrobyn skulks off to the mountains of Montana and forms a militia to protest::



(Well a down payment on a house)

I’m paying off the $45 I owe my friend, the $30 or so I owe one of my brothers.

After that, I’m a-goin paintballin! Woooo!

Tuition, textbooks.

Yes, boring, I know.


I’m using it to fly back home to be in my best friend’s wedding in June.

Paying my mom back for the $1000 I borrowed when I bought my car. Well, I still owe her some, but i’m $500 or so there

Used it for the downpayment on a car.

You people give the government money you don’t owe them?? You know, there are many financial institutions that will actually PAY you to let them keep it for you instead.

I’m gleeful because we estimated so well we’re only going to have to pay about $400 this year! And you can bet I’ll be writing the check no sooner than the afternoon of April 15.

Headin’ down to New Orleans with my best friend, Carmen!

Woo hoo! Watch out, NO, here we come! Hubbies are stayin’ home, got a hotel in the French Quarter and plan on much dancin’, shoppin’, eatin’, and sittin’ by the pool.

Can’t wait.

Well, if the stock market doesn’t go up, I’m hoping to sell my motorcycle so I have enough $$ to pay for my taxes.

Oh, wait, you guys are getting money BACK?!? Dammit, I have an $18K tax BILL.


A $500 computer upgrade (From a lowly AMD-K6 200 to an AMD Athlon 850 w/ new motherboard, 128M Ram, modem and soundcard).

…with the remaining $200, refurbishing my 55-gallon aquarium. :smiley: Happy fishies are good fishies!


I’ve already FILED my tax RETURNS (the forms).
I’m going to use my state tax REFUND (the money I get back) to pay what I owe Uncle Sam.


Sorry for the hijack. A friend of mine makes this error all the time and it drives me bonkers.

old box I have at home doesn’t have the juice for a cable modem, which is next. A mortgage and property tax can lead to a nice refund.

I’m $991 in the hole… :frowning:

Still, it’s worth it, 'cause I took money out of my 401K to pay off credit cards. I’m sure credit card interest would have ended up costing me a hell of a lot more than what I have to pay in.