What do you plan on doing with your tax return?

I’m expecting my usual big modest-income tax return, so after bills we will have a sizable windfall. After paying some stuff off and putting some away I plan on indulging my once-a-year gun habit with the new Ruger Charger, and perhaps if my return is even bigger than I expect I might get a used H&K USP Compact .45 Variant 3, subject to negotiations with my wife. The second would probably take a miracle, but stranger things have happened.

So, is there anything interesting that you plan on indulging yourself with, or do you just put it away for a rainy day?

Oh, yeah, my favorite time of year… this year I’m getting new living room furniture. It’s exciting that I get to start all over with a new decor. The possibilities are endless, really, and shopping will be fun.

I really want to get a KitchenAid stand mixer, but I don’t know if I can justify the expense since I don’t bake that much. So maybe I’ll just get a nice food processor- at least I’ll use it often.

Tax … return.

I understand the meaning of both words, but together they are meaningless.

You know, I long for the day when I can’t say those words with a straight face either, because that will be the day when I can finally pat myself on the back for my hard work because I’m finally successful. Until then, I’ll take advantage of it by expanding my modest collection.

The question in the title stumped me somewhat. The obvious answer seemed to be…submit it.

Differences in terminology are always interesting. Here the “tax return” is the form that you submit to the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) with details of income and deductions. The “tax refund” is what you get back.

By my estimation, it’s going to be pitifully small (~$300), so I’m probably going to blow it all on pointless small things over the course of a couple weeks, just like I always do.

I always work it such that I’m within a couple hundred dollars or so either way. I think it’s crazy to let the Government keep your money all year.

It is here, too, but it seems more and more people don’t know that. So I’ll be filing my tax return, then probably going out to dinner with the tax refund, unless there isn’t one.

Same in the US. Everybody files a tax return, and the lucky ones get a tax refund.

New glasses and a trip to the dentist. So exciting…

If I get a refund–and this is not guaranteed–I’m going to buy a camera, with accessories (memory card, filters, etc).

Actually, I’m kind of worried that we may have to pay this year. Of course, I won’t really know until I do my taxes around February 11th. I have to wait until the updated forms are out.

We’ll be getting a new upright freezer. That’ll take care of any refund we get.

Refund is the term that the IRS uses, and tax return is the paper or electronic thing you file, but the OP’s usage is a common and perhaps regional usage. That USP looks nice, but I doubt my refund would cover a portion of it. I plan on maybe getting a handgun and a kitten soon, hopefully a refund will contribute to some of that, and pics of either or both will be shortcoming.

Yeah, if you’re going to give Uncle Sam a short loan you should at least do it in the form of T-bills so you get interest from it.

I collect coins. If I get a return I’ll probably buy one that I have been coveting. The rest goes into savings, if there is any.

In our case, it’s not that we have an excess taken out of our paychecks, it’s that we are eligible for various tax credits that effectively reduce our gross income down to pretty much nothing. This will probably be our last year to be able to take advantage of them. We’re also fortunate in that part of our income isn’t taxable.

What we’ve historically done is to pay bills first, then each of us makes a major purchase. Last year, I forget what Airman got, but I was able to buy a new laptop. The laptop, by the way, has paid for itself because I’ve used it to do some freelance jobs.

This year, I’d like to take at least some of it and gasp save or invest it. I can’t think of anything I really want or need, so I’ll take some of it and buy some work clothes, then save the rest.


You buy a new gun every year?


While I don’t wish to give the government a no interest loan, I also don’t want to come to the end of my merry tax return to find myself owing money, so I don’t take exemptions down to the nub. I consider my refund money in the mattress that you find during spring cleaning. It helps get ahead on bills and make reservations for summer fun, etc…

I’m not the OP, but maybe because they’re cool and go bang? Sometimes they are shiny and go bang too. Cool, shiny, goes bang; what’s not to like?