Plans for your tax refund?

I’m getting $1006 back and it will go into the bank as a payment against future expenses on wen. It sounds dumb I know, but I pay for wen which is obscenely expensive but works for me, and it’s my money… but I do feel guilty. Now I feel less guilty because I will consider myself as spending my refund on it.

Talk about mundane and pointless. Please tell me you have something more exciting planned for yours!


Down payment on a new car later this year.

Wen? You meanthis stuff? You might consider asking for a refund on your refund.

I just fling the refund into my savings account – there’s nothing more special about it than the money in my normal paychecks. Thinking otherwise means that it would get spent even more recklessly than usual.

Your tax refund is still “your money”.

I’m not getting a refund, but if I had $1000 burning a hole in my pocket, I’d get my vehicle fixed.

Refund? Ain’t seen one of those since Bush was in office.

No refund here. I have to pay about $300.

Since moving, I haven’t adjusted my withholdings to make sure I owe money each year. If similar to last year, it’ll only be a few hundred. Into the checking account it goes to be forgotten.

Assuming it doesn’t get spent on new computers that both of us are on the verge of needing at this point, we own a house which will gladly swallow any extra cash we have lying around.

Tires for my van. We’ll see how much I have left after that. A nice meal out might possibly involved as well.

We need to replace the futon with a better one.

If there’s a refund, it goes back into taxes one way or another - either directly as a prepayment on next year’s income tax, or indirectly by being deposited into an account that’s mostly used for payroll tax payments. That payroll reserve account earns 2% interest, so any extra money sits there until I feel confident taking it out for big expenses, retirement savings, etc.

Morally questionable women who will perform nekkid activities in exchange for some of said refund while bringing an ingestible white powdery substance (that ain’t sugar).
Or spend it on a family member’s life-cycle event.

I use my Federal refund to pay for my state taxes, it usually ends up a wash, or I owe the state some.

It’s going into the travel fund - Canadian Rockies ski trip next year.

We’re getting a little back from that state that’s going against what we’ll have to pay the Feds. I started working again in Sept and apparently I didn’t have enough withheld. I don’t like big refunds - my goal is to be within $100 either way. Not this year, alas… but we’ll be less than $700 out of pocket when all is said and done, so that’s not too terrible.

Will pay for my trips to Phoenix and Lexington, KY.

Surviving until I find a new job.

Going toward yard stuff- riding lawn mower, porch repair, sod. Won’t cover it all, but it’ll start.

Buying a house is a money suck.

What is this refund you speak of? :slight_smile: I’ve only gotten one in the last ten or fifteen years (and that’s actually a good thing.)