Tax Time = Refunds!! = Whatcha Doin' With Yours Thread

Well, just finished checking the website and saw that my refund is going to be deposited this Friday. I’m getting a sizeable amount and can actually spend some with enough left over to go into savings since my bills are all up to date.

First I’m going to be picking up this lovely Viewsonic Monitor. The metallic and black color scheme will match nicely with the new PC I built last year. I am going to buy or pre-order the following games: Rainbow Six 3, Medal of Honor, and GTA:Vice City and stash some away for Doom III so that I can buy it as soon as it comes out. I’m also going to buy my son one of the new Pokemon games for the GBA for making Honor Role again. The left over will go into savings. I’m going to have a blast. I never get to go into a store and just spend money frivolously like this.

So, what are you going to do with your refund once you get it back?

CG and I are spending it plus a bonus from work he got on remodeling the house. CG and his lovely dad are adding a reasonably sized deck on to the back of the house.They are about halfway done now and will finish it next week on CG’s day off. Whatever is left over is going into savings for our Disney Cruise next year.:slight_smile:


Tax refund? Thanks to Ufile online calculation service and Netfile online filing I got mine back by direct deposit two weeks ago, after only eight days of waiting after submitting!

It’s gone. Computer upgrades: new motherboard, new processor, new memory, new video card, new hard drive, new OS, new case. :slight_smile: Now the SDMB is faster and clearer than ever before!

Federal = credit card payment/car payment.
State = either the same or spending money for trip to NYC if it gets here in time.

Hehehe, I’m buying a new shotgun!

Mine’s staying in the bank until this June, when I will be using it to try and scrape by during my maternity leave. Unfortunately, I missed the EIC by less than $500 this year, so it wasn’t anywhere near as substantial as I was hoping. :frowning:

Security deposit for new apartment, plus bills. I may save a chunk for some real (at least of the veneer-and-particleboard type) bookcases to replace the Target industrial black metal shelving I currently have. Or I might wait to do that until I move into the new lace, and use my refunded security deposit from the old place.

Yep, I know how you feel belladonna. After splitting up with my wife last year i don’t get to claim milliAmp anymore. The only reason I got back so much this year is because of the interest on my mortgage but I sold the house off so I don’t think I’m going to get anything back next year, that’s why I am going nuts this year, may not get a chance to do it again.

Spend it while you got it Amp–You sound like my kind of man! I’m actually in the opposite position, I figure next year–with two kids and a substantially lower income because of time missed on leave–I’ll have a mega-return to spend spend spend to my heart’s content. I can’t wait!
[sub]in all honestly, it’ll probably go to something boring like fixing my roof, but a girl can dream, right?[/sub]

Replacing/rebuilding the front porch, new laterals for the septic tank, prolly a couple of new suits.

Well, since I have to scrape up $1500 or so in additional taxes this year, I won’t be buying anything. Hubby closed his 401k from a former employer and in addition to the penalties, it bumped us ever so slightly into the next tax bracket, so we got reamed this year.

I thoight it would go towards a family vacation this summer. However, my 12 year old car seems to be ready to give up the ghost so the refund will be involved n the creative financing of my next ride.

School tuition for my daughter. If there’s anything left over, then maybe applied toward a vacation.

We sold a 2 family when we moved to be closer to our family… we’re paying 7000 this year… yes folks you heard correctly… Gotta love capital gains…

Next year should be better!

All of it went to pay off CC debt. We are able to completely close 3 out of 4 accounts. I am cashing in stock to pay off the last one… then all debt but my house is paid off.

We used a chunk to buy a camcorder so we could have some footage of our daughter before she grows up (we asked for one for Christmas, but my mother thought a DVD player would be better. I don’t understand how the hell that woman thinks - we have no DVDs and I don’t even know how to use the stupid thing!)

The rest is going into our nearly-evaporated savings to make up for all we spent after my wife’s old car died and she needed a new peice of crap.

Paying off my Sears bill. (Yay me!)

Getting new glasses. (Keeping the frames, it’s just time for a check up.)

Getting my ring fixed. (The mother of pearl stone was lost.)

Fixing the fence. (rassa rassa fence installers put it in wrong, then went bust.)