The $600 From The IRS: What Did You/Are You Going To Do With It?

No rebate for me, I’m still paying off a nasty tax bill from 2006. :frowning:

We got $1800 (we have a joint income of less than $150k and two kids) added to our checking account yesterday. We’re saving up for a down payment on a house, so it’s all going to that. We’re unpatriotic.

Going to kill off our one-and-only credit card. Woo!

We’re going to get $1500 and it’s going straight to Chase to pay down my Visa.

Our $900 went to cutting off life support for our last credit card.

Then, I was able to take $56.15 from my paycheck and smother it with a pillow.

That’s it. Credit cards are GONE! Next, getting our emergency fund up to 3-6 months worth of expenses…thank you Dave Ramsey!

I’m going to use it to get on top of the frustrating $5000 in credit card debt I accumulated over the past several years.

I can get to ‘stimulating the economy’ when I’m debt-free and have an emergency savings fund. Until then, I’m perfectly happy using my 27 year old television and driving my 100,000 mileage car.

I’m going to New Orleans in August to visit an old friend. My first real vacation in over 10 years.

It’s all going to bills, nothing exciting here.

We got $600. $200 went to the VA to pay an unexpected bill for my husband’s prescriptions, $100 to the guy who cleared snow for us last winter, $90 for this month’s utilities, and the rest will be frittered away on gas and food. No stimulation here.

Sticking it in savings, using it for the conference I’m going to in Anaheim next month.

Yeah, lots of fun and such. Maybe, if I can, I’ll use part of it for a day at disney instead of conferencing every day.

Going to credit card debt so I can stop stimulating BoA and CitiBank’s economies so much.

Clean out the credit card I use for things like textbooks and plane tickets, and then make an extra student loan payment.

Credit card I really need to pay off before my checks from the military stop and I become the stereotypical poor student. I did put some into savings.

Oh, I bought two books. I really needed to spend some on something frivolous I didn’t need, so I figure books would be fairly cheap and allow me to get it out of my system.

Using it to pay for moving expenses from Ohio to SC. Trucks are NOT cheap! :frowning:

But, we’re lucky to get it because saving up for it would have been a long, arduous task.

According to the tax preparer, I’m supposed to get $300 in a month or so. I’m going to waste it on a digital camera. I’ve never had one and it’s time to step up from my Revere 33 (1955 3D camera) and Olympus OM-1 (1973 manual SLR). So, I ordered a Canon a580 and an extra memory card, but I still need to get some extra batteries and a charger.

Congratulations on making so much money that your Federal taxes exceed my entire income! I’m genuinely happy for you. Yes, it’s fair that you’re not getting the fake “rebate”.

If mine comes in, I guess I’ll just hold onto it for an emergency fund. Stupid, pandering political nonsense, anyway.

I got $600 deposited yesterday. $400 of that will go into my savings and $200 will go towards vacation costs. I got a free plane ticket the other day and now this covers the hotel costs wherever it is I decide to go!

I didn’t qualify for the money this time around.

But a few years ago when the Bush administration previously tried this pandering nonsense, I used the money to buy weed.

So, yeah, I’m doing my part to stimulate the economy, and stuff.

We’re supposed to get around $1600 – half of it will be our vacation mad money, the other half will be put in savings.

It’s funding part of our trip to Las Vegas for a friend’s wedding and Santa Barbara for my brother’s graduation.