I got new CDs from Fugazi and Pinback last week

I do a happy dance in my little world when these two bands release CDs on the same day. Fugazi’s The Argument so far sounds good, but not earth shattering. But, I’ve only listened to it about three times so far, not nearly enough to get a good feeling of it. So that opinion still has the potential to go way north or south at this point. The only record that I didn’t really like of theirs was Steady Diet of Nothing, and every time I pick up a new record of theirs I always kinda figure it’s time that they released another stinker. But they never do. What is this now, 8 or 9 albums for them? I wonder if Ian will still be a self-important preachy jackass when he is 65. He’s gotta be 40, or damn close by now, doesn’t he? In any case, I can get past his attitude cause that band can certainly deliver the music.

Which bring’s me to the new Pinback album, Blue Screen Life. I listened to the self titled Pinback album 3x more that any other record I own over the past two years, and that’s not an exaggeration. This album is just as good already, and I may wind up liking it better. I have probably listened to this 25 times already, and it just keeps getting better. Still picking up on new things in it. I am really almost obsessive-compulsive with music, where 3-5 times a year I’ll find a new CD that I will just wear out. The only difference with the this Pinback CD is that I probably won’t go looking for any new music for longer than usual, because I have a feeling that this will remain “fresh” to me for several months. Anyway, I friggin love this band and their new CD.

Well, I picked up the first Pinback after seeing you laud it in some thread or another, and just picked up the new one. I’ve only listened to it once, but it sounds dang good. Unfortunately, they played a small club here in my town last week, and I wasn’t able to go.

I think The Argument is superb, but still not their best. I still think Repeater is their most exemplary piece. But, honestly, I think TA is more like a continuation of the style in Red Medicine, an album I like very much, rather than the path they seemed to take in End Hits.


Heh, I’m seeing Pinback tomorrow.

As for Fugazi, I like The Argument a lot, but it was a bit overshadowed by their “Furniture” EP, which is a throwback to their “Repeater” sound.

Re: Fugazi - Have to say I’ve never been thrilled with their albums, as opposed to their EP’s. I remeber picking up Margin Walker and loving it, then getting a full album ( the title of which escapes me - was it Repeater? ) and being disappointed. So far my experience has seemed to bear out that initial take. The full-length albums seem to be weaker. Why this would be, I have no idea ( and of course there’s no accounting for taste :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Maybe it’s the difference between a novelist and a short-story writer :wink: .

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Purd, did you wind up liking that first Pinback? (I guess you must have somewhat, since you got another one…)

R-N-RKM, I saw Pinback in Atlanta about 3 or 4 months ago. It was sweet. I’m a huge fan of both those guys from their other bands (Thingy, Heavy Vegetable, Three Mile Pilot) and that was the first time I saw any of their music. ABSIV rocks the world on the bass.

I didn’t bother to get the “furniture” EP, because I think I have all of those songs on an old outtakes tape of theirs that I have. Could be wrong though.

I don’t even think you can compare old Fugazi with new Fugazi. They might as well not be the same band. Both are good, but they’ve just changed so much.
Also, don’t as my why I typed “brings” as “bring’s” in the OP. Things like that drive me nuts when I read them in other posts, so I feel X-X-Xtra dumb for doing it.

Sigh. That should read “DON’T ASK ME”.

I give up – Time for bed. :frowning:

Fugazi used to be the shit all the way up until Red Medicine. Repeater was definetley their best, but In on the Kill Taker was pretty good too.

Red Medicine just didnt even sound like the same band. They sounded like fucking radiohead or something or some bush wannabe’s.

Actually, they remind me of a mediocre copy of Archers of Loaf now. AoL is one of my all time favs.

I have not heard Red medicine, but I absolutely cannot stand I’m in on the Killtaker. I’ve tried numerous times, but it just won’t take.

In related news: At the Pinback show, I picked up a “Tour EP” of theirs, which has two songs, and some computer stuff. The coolest part about it though, I thought, was that the CD it came on was a CD-R with some doodlings on it.

The “Furniture” EP has been pretty difficult to find lately in Ian’s own home town, so I’m guessing that’s what the traditionalists (like me) are leaning toward.