I got talked into trying DOPE!!!!

OK, OK, so this is my first posting Bluesman finally wore me down. Having to listen to him talk about this board for the last few months will drive anyone insane. YES, I know bluesman. We work together and I often sit net to him for twelve hours at a time. Finally, boredom and bluesman wore me down and I am succumbing to the great addiction. I have yet to meet Lucretia but, I have spoken to her on the phone and she seems great. Bluesman loves her and so you know she is cool. Lucretia, someday we will meet!!! Everyone, please be nice to me…… :slight_smile:

Doping can be fun. Welcome!

Just like real dope, the first one’s free.

The next post costs you $100.

And then you start hocking grandma’s heirlooms.

Pretty soon, you are jonesing for a post fix.

You meet people on dark threads and stop showering in the morning.

You begin to cry for no reason.

Hey, allow me to welcome you to the boards!

And then you start hocking grandma.

And then some Doper named Gaia opens up in the pit about having an ungrateful grandchild.

And then . . .

Welcome to our sandbox! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both bluesman and Lucretia, so you and I already have a close personal bond. Based upon that, you don’t have to send me the requisite love offering of chocolate!


Gee - a formal announcement -
I just kinda snuck in and lurked for two years, then one particular thread

got me going and since then I’ve been spending way too much time here - foregoing all kinds of other things I should be doing…altho, for the life of me I can’t think of a one :smiley:


Welcome! Now that you’ve tried Dope, you’ll soon develop an addiction and experience crushing withdrawal symptoms when going without it. Trust me, you won’t be able to stay away :wink:

Wow – I wasn’t expecting to see my OP on the other end of that link – I’m honored! Welcome!

I’ve also had the privilege of meeting both Bluesman and Lucretia, and they’re among the coolest people you’d ever want to know.

Welcome aboard!


It’s like crack: once you try it, you’re hooked and need detox to get off it.

Want another hit?

Who the hell needs detox after this high?

Hello Lazy Daze. Be welcome. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:


Remember three simple rules:

  1. Don’t poop in the well from whence you draw your water. ( except in the Pit)

  2. Anything is flammable.

  3. Profit?

Welcome to the boards, Lazy Daze! smooch

Just watch out for any giant squids. Take my word for it.

Go tell him he’s just too darned tall and needs to move back to Maryland. And ask if the eldest still hates us.

:: whistles innocently as he shoves the giant rolling tank out the rolling doors through which he brought it in ::


I NEED TO POST MORE… Your right I woke up wanting more. Sorry, Grandma the plates have got to go…


So, are ya catching a buzz yet?

Welcome Lazy Daze. I look forward to seeing stuff from you around the Board.

Now… were’d I leave my lighter and spoon!!!

If you’ve met Bluesman and have spoken with Lucretia, then I am most likely somewhere in your future. Poor soul. How do you feel about calamari?