I got talked into trying DOPE!!!!

Well I lived in Japan before here. So bring on the sqid. Besides nothing like some good ink…

hears a resounding scream echoing in the distance from where the giant rolling tank went


…So, who wants a drink?

It’s a sandbox? Well that explains why the cat won’t leave me alone!

…did someone say, “drink?”

Welcome! Once you pay your trib… I mean, subscription fee, there’ll be a party for you… Do you like goats? Or did I hear the animal of choice has changed? Hummm. what? No, Not talking to myself… Just planning… thinking… Now where did they put that oil…

This sentence reminded me of the country song title Thank God and Greyhound She’s Gone. I’d dash off a quick parody, but I don’t know the lyrics, and a Google search isn’t yielding any. So I’ll just welcome youi by saying “Thank boredom and bluesman you’re here!”

And me also. Glad to see you were worn down!