I got that nickel out of my commode today

After standing over it for the last couple of months and viewing it for hundreds of times as I urinated, I finally made a decision about the nickel in my commode. Today I knew was the day that it had to come out of there.

At first I tried with a pencil to push it up out of the bottom. (I had entertained thoughts of pushing it on up the side of the commode until I could reach it without putting my hand in the water but the nickel was having none of it.) So finally I just got down on my knees and thrust my hand down into the very recesses of my commode fighting mental images that I won’t share here and my gag reflex and got the thing out. I looked closely at it because I had never seen a nickel that had been in a commode for months. Most of it was black and the other part was brown. Ohhh gag.

BTW it was a nickel not a quarter.

Make sure you get rid of that pencil - you wouldn’t want to find yourself absent-mindedly chewing on the eraser, would you?

Now don’t spend it all in one place :wink:

For some reason I’m reminded of the joke of the man throwing all his pocket money, bills and change, into the outhouse. The guy on the next seat (it’s a duplex two-holer) ask why he did such a darn fool thing. “You don’t think I’d go down there for just a quarter do you?”

Good grief, thats amazing. When I get home I’m going to put a nickel in my toilet… I bet its gone in the first flush though… it doesn’t do the swirley thing it does a straight blast of water thing.

You should have just used air freshener. It’s good for getting rid of unwanted cents in the bathroom.

We even have a place for flame wars here but remember that a bun, is the lowest form of wheat.

I refuse to admit that was funny.


Let’s face it, it was hilarious

Who’s seen Trainspotting? :eek:

For some reason I thought this was another thread about your royalties. :smiley:

(BTW…the air freshener joke was a riot, good one.)

I wouldn’t stick any nickel where the sun-don’t-shine. Of course, I wouldn’t stick any suppository up there either.

I can just picture aha in that scene, though. Swimming around the mines and depth charges, until he finds his glorious nickel on the bottom. :smiley:

Those two bolts on the base of the toilet? They unscrew, you see, and you can pick the thing up, turn it upside down and shake it.
Then you put on a new wax ring, which costs five bucks at the hardware store, and …

Never mind.

Go back to sleep CP. :wink:

What are you doing with the nickel?

aha said:

Woulda been less traumatic if you’d flushed first.

So you’re a tough guy. I’d have paid the $4.95.

Hmmm, just an idea here, but I say (assuming aha still has the nickel somewhere) that it be made into a small trophy and given as the “Mark Serlin Award” to some poor unsuspecting troll via UPS or USPS.

Imagine all the regs here, knowing where that thing had been during all the past months, what it has been through, and the troll, being totally clueless. :smiley: Bwahahahahahaha!

Good idea, MSK…what’s your address?

Ouch. :smiley: