I got the job!

I had applied for two similar positions, and this morning I had a video chat interview with the manager I’d talked to previously. Yesterday I was preparing feverishly, refreshing my memory about awesome stuff I’ve done, making sure I could rattle off the Situation, Actions, and Results like a pro.

So of course the video interview this morning simply involved the manager saying, “Let me make sure you know everything you need to about the job,” and when I said I understood and it sounded good, she said, “It’s yours if you want it.”

I’m going for training in May, then a ten-week paid internship, which will become a permanent job unless some crazy disaster occurs or I decide I hate it and walk away. I doubt I will!

Thanks to the folks who were supportive and offered information in my “First interview in 11 years” thread!

I am now Unauthorized Cinnamon, IT Risk Finding Associate!


So, uh … what exactly does an IT Risk Finding Associate do?

I take the specifications from the software engineers and bring them to the executives, because engineers are not good at dealing with executives. I have people skills! I am good at dealing with people, can’t you understand that?

Seriously though, the team reviews “Risk findings,” i.e., reports of potential weaknesses and areas where IT security standards are not being met, and makes sure there is a coherent plan to come up to standards, and the plan is followed through. All while helping to translate technical jargon from the hands-on people into descriptions that can be understood by non-techies.

Congratulations! :slight_smile:




That sounds interesting!
Although I am slightly disappointed that “risk finding” doesn’t mean “danger seeking”.

Wow! First, congratulations! :slight_smile:
Second, I sure wish we had one of you at my last job at a corporation.

Congrats! Last year I had my first interview in 16 years and have been at the job for a little over a year now. Welcome to the club! Hopefully your first month on the job will go smoother than mine - there was a crazy deadline 3 weeks after I started (which they failed to tell me about beforehand) and I almost quit. It got much much better though!

High five! Hope it works really well for you!


I’m very happy for you. I also hope it’s contagious - I just applied for a job too.

Yay for your good news!


Acting as a liaison between disparate groups sounds rewarding, challenging and valuable. I hope this job works out for you and perhaps leads to greater things in the future.

It sounds like it could!

At the risk of sounding repetitive, congrats!

Thanks, everyone! I agree danger-seeking would be more exciting, but definitely not in my wheelhouse.

It all starts with some training, and they know I don’t know how to do this yet, so hopefully it won’t be too scary a start.

I myself borrowed job mojo from F.Pu-du-he-pa-as, so I happily pay it forward to you, Missy2U, and all Doper job seekers!