Going in for job interview/ Yay! got the job! [edited title]

A couple of days ago I put a post on Craigslist in the jobs wanted section seeking entry level IT work (it was the post critiqued by dopers. Thanks guys.).

Shortly after that I got a response that I thought was suspicious because all it said was “I’d be interested in chatting with you.”. But I checked out his E-mail address and it was from a close-by (about 30 minutes or so) computer repair shop. Turns out he’s the owner. So he gave his business number and told me to call him.

I called him and he offered an interview which I naturally accepted. He said it’s a, “Here’s a computer, let’s see what you can do with it.” type interview. Also, he asked me on my way down there if I could go to a sign shop and pick up a sign that’s waiting for him. I’m his errand boy, and I’m not even hired yet :D.

I am so nervous right now. Frankly I shouldn’t get my hopes up because past interviews haven’t produced any results, but I want this job badly. And I don’t even know what the pay or hours would be. But it would be a foot in the door to an IT career, which is something that I’ve been wanting badly for a while now. And I just plain need a job.

So cross your fingers, and if you’re religious then say a prayer. And then don’t be surprised when I post back that I didn’t get the job :eek:. Just kidding…sort of.

best of luck!!

Woohoo! Sending out lucky thoughts!

Here’s hoping you get it!!

It looks like I have a job.

I went to the computer shop around 4:00pm and the owner asked me to stay till 5:30pm to see how I would do.

It was pretty slow. I was working with a teen who’s there…I guess interning would be the word. I did so-so and frankly wouldn’t have been surprised if he didn’t hire me. I was able to diagnose a problem with one computer, so that’s a plus :cool:, but then pointed me to a laptop with Vista on it and wanted me to activate the recovery partition. I thought I knew how, but when I left I hadn’t been able to figure it out :smack:. (Googling it, three sites are showing three different ways).

But the worse thing was the networking question he asked me about. This is basic stuff I should have know right off the bat, but I first gave him the wrong answer, and then had to work for about 5 minutes to figure out the right one. He gave me two IP addresses and asked if they could talk to each other. The addresses were using a 27 bit mask and one address ended in 9 and the other in 254. Basic subbnetting. And I had to struggle to get the answer :smack::smack::smack:.

Despite all that he told me I was hired anyway and to come in on Friday. It’s for minimum wage and I’m sure it will be part time, but I’m OK with that. It’s a foot in the door for IT work. Part of my problem was that I was pretty nervous. I think if I come in with more confidence I will do a lot better.

Great! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that it’s a solid first step toward the kind of job you really want.


Hang in there, do your time and remember he does not owe you a living.

Good luck with that. It’s sweet landing that first step on what you think you want to do and then getting a chance to run with it.

:confused: I never said he did.

In this economy where finding another job you were already in is tough, it seemed that a career change was close to impossible, but I did it. From 11.5 years of production work to what hopefully is the start of an IT career.

I’m going to run like Forest Gump! :smiley:

Congrats! Wishing you luck in your new career!

Congrats! Hope it works out great!

Well, I for one am impressed. I couldn’t make head or tail of what your new boss asked you to do. Subnetting? Addresses talking to each other? Just remember, there are hoards of slack-jawed whacks who will gaze upon you with admiration for even the simplest of solutions.

If you ever set up shop in Japan, I’ll be your first customer!

Congratulations and best of luck!!

I remember your other threads, that’s really cool! I’m glad CL did work out for you!

It was just a question he gave me to test my knowledge. And I’ve always wanted to visit Japan. But I don’t know about setting up shop there. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Yay! Congrats!

Didn’t say ya did mate.

Wow, minimum wage and he expected you to have that kind of a knowledge base? I’m insulted on your behalf. You pay minimum wage to people with no skill whatsoever. You should be pulling in double that.

Here’s hoping that you will be, with time. And a job is better than no job. So congrats!