I got thrown in the deep end [developing an app]

I’ve gotten sucked into a project that is driving me crazy. I’m a SQL Server DBA by trade, so doing the back-end work isn’t going to be an issue. My problem is that I am NOT a web guru.

I have to convert an app that currently runs in Access into a web application using VB.net and talking to a SQL Server database. I have Visual Studio 2010 available, but my VB.net skills have been limited to desktop apps. I am clueless about ASP.Net, PHP, etc.

I need to become an instant expert. Does anyone have any suggestions on where/how to start? Better yet, does anyone have a project they can share with me that is multi-page, menu-driven data entry and reporting, so I can see what the code looks like and how to create something like that out of Visual Studio?

Thanks in advance!

Since the OP is looking for advice, this is best suited to IMHO. Title edited to indicate subject.

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Why reinvent the wheel.
Access databases can be shared on the web.

While I agree with the concept of not reinventing the wheel, I’ve not had terrific experiences with trying to share Access databases on the web. If you are committed to the .NET and SQL Server route, I strongly recommend Visual Studio LightSwitch, if you can get it.


It’s a heck of a lot faster than standard VB.NET for developing a standard-ish business application, because a lot of the boring work about setting up database connections and managing the user interface is done for you, and you just drag and drop things where you need them.

  1. Outsource it to someone in India for a fraction of your salary.
  2. spend all day surfing the Dope and Reddit
  3. profit!

Yep, this. Drag-and-drop.

I will definitely be checking this out. Thanks for the lead!