I got to use PI today…on PI Day

And I’m as giddy as George C. Scott on Christmas morning. This doesn’t fit in the Cafe Society thread. Seriously, I can’t remember ever having to us PI outside of a classroom problem. But I’ve been working on a landscape project, and it happened this very day that I needed to construct three 5-1/2 foot circles out of benderboard for my parkway. Why do we drive on a parkway, but park on a… I refer to it as my tree-lawn. Whatever. Benderboard, manufactured to outline planting areas, is 20 feet long. Let’s see: 5-1/2 ft = 66 in. All the formulas say to work with radius. Divide by 2 = 33 for r. Multiply by 2 = 66. Guess I could have skipped this step, but I’m just being careful here. Multiply by 3.14, right. I could fill in another couple hundred numbers, but I doubt it would change by as much as the width of a saw blade. current total: 207.24 in. Back to feet: 17.27 ft. I hate odd uneven numbers so I go with 17.5 (17 '-6"). Got as close to a 5-1/2 ft circle as I could get. Oh Frabjous Joy!:):):slight_smile:

Awesome stuff! :slight_smile:

I use Pi quite a lot, as I did Maths in GCSE and A_Level and do a Maths-related course at university - you’d be amazed at how often pi crops up in things!

Also, none of my fellow students even knew that Pi Day existed - so I informed them all about it! :smiley: