"I got your number on the [bathroom] wall"

I was listening to Tommy Tutone’s “867-5309/Jenny” for the first time in probably ten years tonight and, naturally, I started thinking about phone numbers on bathroom walls—“For a good time, call…” and all that—and I was wondering: Has anyone here ever had any experience with this, uh, phenomenon? I mean, have you ever called a number from a bathroom wall? If so, what happened? Has your number ever been written on one? If so, did anyone ever call you? Tell me your bathroom wall/phone number stories.

My phone number got written on the bathroom wall when I was in junior high school. My phone started ringing off the hook, and I was getting numerous obscene phone calls. It was most unpleasant. It was in the 70’s, long before we had caller ID. My parents had the phone company put a tracer on the line, and whenever I got an obscene phone call, I had to keep the person on the line long enough for someone to call (the phone company? police? I don’t remember) from my parents’ line. Every time I hung up the phone from one of those calls, I felt the need to take a shower.

It’s really not a nice thing to do to a girl, trust me!

I called one as a teenager just out of curiousity.

I called the phone number asked for the girls name. The lady on the other end of the line told me “Hold on a sec, I’ll go get her.”

I got all giggly and hung up the phone before the girl had a chance to answer.

For an assignment in a college journalism class, I actually called a couple of numbers written on bathroom walls and interviewed the people. I remember the girl I interviewed was really pissed and thought she had an idea of who did it. The guy I talked to wasn’t as forthcoming.

Some of us used to hang out around a gas station/drug store when I was in jr. high school. One of the guys was a real dufus. I mean a 17 yrs old in the 8th grade type of dufus.

So one day there’s a girl’s first name and phone number on the bathroom wall in the gas station, the standard “call Susie for a blowjob”. Dufus gets all excited and calls her and we’re all makin’ fun of him and stuff. We can hear him bellowing loudly into the phone: “I want a blowjob!”

He gets off the phone and tells us that she told him where she lives and said he should come on over.

So we’re laughin’ even harder, but he leaves and walks three or four blocks to her house, then comes back in about an hour all happy and yellin’ “It’s true! It’s true!”
I guess it was, 'cause they started going together after that. She wasn’t much to look at, but he wasn’t any prize either.

Anyhoo, the message on the wall served it’s purpose at least once, to my knowledge. The incident also caused some of us to wonder who really were the dumb-asses and who was the smart guy…