knocking on bathroom stall walls?

I was in a public bathroom somewhere, taking a dump last night, and this guy went to the urinal beside it. He knocked (twice if it matters) on the wall (not the door, and there was another empty stall, so it wasn’t to use mine) and continued his business. What could the knocking have been?

Was he knock, knock, knockin’ on heaven’s door?

There used to be a rumour that if someone knocks on the stall wall, it was a proposition. Either that, or it was foot-tapping. I don’t remember.

Or he could have just wanted to get you thinking “Why is he knocking on the wall? What does it mean?”

Morning DJs Kevin & Bean on KROQ had “Kevin’s Bathroom Interviews”. Kevin would sit in a stall with a tape recorder and try to interview unsuspecting victims in the next stall. “Hey. How’s it going?” “Doing ‘number two’?” “How’s that going for you?” After about a year, a station in Las Vegas started doing it; much to the amusement of Kevin & Bean. “Look. It’s one thing to steal someone else’s ideas. But the Bathroom Interviews is a bad idea! They’re ripping off a stupid idea!”

Maybe he thought it would drive away those evil penis snatchers.

The knocking has the same effect as hearing a water stream to help you pee. It just works to get things going.

Foot tapping. Foot tapping, or sticking your penis through the hole in the stall wall. Either one.