I gotta get me some UK snacks!!!

OK, so my wife just got back from London, and in the process, she has done me a great disservice. Not intentionally, mind you. She thought kindly to bring me back something I’d enjoy that I couldn’t get in the States. So what did she find?

Mr. Kipling’s Lemon Slices. Oh. My. GOD!!! I got my first bite about 6pm the night she got back, and it was all I could do so make the remainder of the second box last into Day 2! These things are heavenly and sinful all in one bite. It’s like a Twinkie and a Zinger got together and had a baby, and then the baby was all like, “You people are too low-class for me” so it went and got higher education and used the power of science to better itself and only allowed itself to be served at the finest dining establishments. It is SO good! It has been a week, now, and I’m going through major withdrawal.

So I looked online today and found that there ARE ways to get it. The problem is that the sites I’ve run across seem to want to charge in the neighborhood of $40 for shipping, and that’s just ridiculous.

I’m wondering if there are UK Dopers out there who would be willing to find a cheaper way to get these lovely treats to me. And if there is something that I could provide in return from the U.S., I would be most willing to oblige!

Thanks in advance! Also, my wife says she needs Jaffa cakes. :smiley:

Jaffa cakes.

Kipling’s Lemon Slices.

Also check World Market or that British foods store on Mountain Ave. in Upland.

Our local Albertson’s supermarkets have a British foods section with several snacks and treats, as well as staples, canned goods, drinks, and more. I already hook up another Doper with regular shipments of Bisto gravy granules, so I can check for you if you want.

My wife says the Upland store (she’s shopped there) didn’t have them. Your BritSuperStore link didn’t work for me, but that’s one of the places I found the $40 shipping rate. The site basically said I had to use DHL through them, which is why it was so pricey. I’ll look into World Market (Cost Plus?) and, on edit, Albertson’s.

Shipping was cheap on the Jaffa cake source, though – thanks! And you’re not even British, as far as I know. :slight_smile:

Check your local south asian/Indian grocery stores. A lot of Pakistani and Indian immigrants have spent time in Britain and British snacks common in the Indian stores in my area. There is about half an isle in the one I frequent which has all kinds of scones and biscuits as well as lots of various teas.


Try this one. It shows shipping to be 4Lbs42 pence for one box, which is quite reasonable. 10 boxes will set you back $97, shipping included. But I’d check World Market and Trader Joe’s first.

Give UK Goods a try. They are located in Delaware, so it’s domestic shipping. I don’t remember how much I paid for shipping (it was a few years ago), but it was no where near $40.

This seems to be a winner. They charge a bit more for the actual product (10 boxes is $60), but UPS ground shipping is only $10 on top of it. Many thanks!

Silenus, your second link worked, and I probably would have jumped on it if Q.E.D. hadn’t found the cheaper option. Thanks for looking out for me!

(nitpick) 4lbs is four Imperial pounds weight, not four pounds sterling which is £4.

Don’t forget to buy Marmite!

If you haven’t got the £ sign on your computer then then it’s best to use “GBP”.

And Bovril!

Especially now that they have reverted to making it from beef instead of yeast extract.

I got three packages each of the Jaffa cakes and the lemon slices, and shipping was just under $7. Thanks again!

You might also try the English Tea Store.


I miss Aero bars…

I’d be happy to send a couple of American cake lovers some samples, made literally two miles away to the highest possible standard you will find, at cost, reasoning that I can be like a crack dealer and get you hooked :D.

This would be subject to two conditions:

  1. You review them, honestly, on the straight dope. Preferably with pictures.
  2. You hide the identity of the person who makes them, as then people can easily work out who I am.

Your town/city/village has only one shop? :confused:

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