I Gotta Post to that Thread!

We all have certain topics that we find irresistable. You see a particular subject is being talked about and it’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull. You can’t let that thread go by without putting your two cents in. Here are mine, in alphabetical order:

Abstract Art
Animated Movies
Copyright Debates
Generation X
Life in Los Angeles
The Videogame Industry

What are yours?

Well, this one. :smiley:

I like to chime on on ones involving birds, ant and general bug dislike, sequential threads, and new apartments.

God I’m boring!

Indie rock, stupid cat stories, questions on veterinary medicine, atheism and Catholicism, pizza and Audrey Hepburn.

If I found a thread combining said topics, I would be happy for hours.

Stuff about India, which is rarely on here.
Terry pratchett stuff.
Star Wars stuff.
Much-loved books.
Malaria questions.
I just realized seltzer water is an irresistable lure because everyone thinks it has sodium and I know it doesn’t.
I can’t think of anything else. But I see that half of my choices are cafe society threads.

I don’t stray very far from Cafe Society. I like to lurk the debate forum, but I never post 'cause I wouldn’t be able to hold my own and I don’t want to embarrass myself.

The only threads that I couldn’t, like, not reply to after having seen would be 80’s music/culture, RPGs, cosplay and picture-whoring. Only the human ones; not cats. The sheer multitude of cat related topics here is kind of creepy.

My next thread is going to be entitled “Disney sued for copyright infringement on new animated abstract film based on atheist Atari game from 1976. Also, where can I get good sushi in L.A.?

My dream thread would be “Help me write a personal ad that will help me attract a gardener who does puzzles on reality TV.”

I can’t pass up “What song is this?” or “Where can I find this song?” threads. If the songs in question are of a certain vintage or older, I can usually identify it and find a place to get a copy. You’ll find me in a lot of old music-type threads, especially if they have to do with collecting (almost no one else here ever talks about collecting…I may be the only serious record archivist on the boards).

Unfortunately, I seem to find myself in crappy family threads, because I had one - but so did a number of other folks here. I’d have to think more about it to come up with a list of topics I post on frequently. If I know about something someone is asking, I put my two cents in.

Anything involving Steely Dan and I can offer some kind of input.

Generally though, I only like to be one of the first ten posting so it looks like I once again, just made the cut.

It hasn’t come up yet…

Quantum Leap
Bitching about coworkers (aargh! salesmen!)

I don’t guess I have any. The ones that I post to most are

I need good thoughts
I just <fill in achievement>