I had an idea for a really fun, entertaining thread on the bus today, but now I forgot.


Oh well. In other news, today I took the bus to the mall and bought q-tips, a DVD of “All the President’s Men” and a whopper. I’m going to watch my new DVD now. See ya later, suckers.

Gee, I sure wish I had a new DVD to watch, and a DVD player too. Damn!

Hey I got those new antibacterial qtips!! They stay sterile longer after you open them! And everybody knows sterileness is next to godliness!

A couple of days ago I jumped in a forklift and impaled a shopping cart. I tried to crush the cart, but it didn’t work.

Oh yeah? Well a few days ago I…well I…did nothing.

Yeah, well I haven’t done anything of note in the last month.

At least not that I can remember.

Oh yeah! I’ve changed a few diapers, and chased after kids, and spend all remaining time on the internet. Beat that!

Well I sat in my hotel room all day watching TV and occassionally going to the vending machine to get something to eat. Recently I closed the blinds and turned on the light.

Well I just played Everquest for the last 4 hours! If thats not pathetic I dont know what is!!

My druid can kick your druid’s ass :stuck_out_tongue:

I have this inane desire to own a shopping cart. Put it in my room, fill it with pillows or miscellaneous crap. I really want one of the colored ones they have at the Container Store…

I was going to add something to this thread, but I forgot what it was. Damn!


I wish I could fill a room with those popcorn things that you pack stuff in, and then jump into it and swim around.

But I don’t have an extra room or popcorn stuff.


The most noteworthy thing I’ve done all day was try on all the shorts in my shorts drawer only to find out that two had big holes in them and two don’t fit me anymore, and all the other ones are getting quite snug. I’m getting fat. 115 pounds! Gasp!

I need some pork chops. wanders off

I too had two great ideas for fun threads over the weekend. Saldy I forgot one and someone else had beaten me to it with the second…



And you’re not fat welfy - just added some cuddleability.

So where were those holes at Welfy? :wink:

On one pair (nylon boardshorts) there was one huge ugly hole on the side, and another on my butt. It looked like a rabid rat had attacked them or something.

The other pair had holes on the top corners of the back pockets and another hole on the butt. Strangely, my mom told me to keep that pair. I guess because they’re denim shorts and as long as I wear sexy undies under them they wouldn’t look too bad! :^)

I think my butt has grown. Before I left for Costa Rica, I could fit into all my shorts perfectly. Then I come back and nothing fits!

Well, just so you all know, the movie was good, except it just sorts ended in the middle. Guess they ran out of money or something. The rest of the story was told by a bunch of shots of teletype machines.

And I have just finished pulling some nasty, nasty stuff outa my ears with those q-tips. Damn, that feels good. I get a sort of sick satisfaction from seeing a q-tip covered in greasy, yellowish-brown gunk and knowing I’ve succeeded in removing that from my aural oriface.

I wish I had the same attitude towards cleaning my room.

Okay heres a new rule for the SDMB whenever you are about to type something disgusting put in a disgusting alert followed by about half a page of blank spots.

People MIGHT be eating you know?

Not anymore…

Again, I cannot stress the importance of photographs!