Fun Times

This is just a general, “I had fun doing a thing”. thread. No need to stick to my own topic but if you’d like too then you just go ahead and do you .

My story:


I didn’t sleep well last night and so I stayed in bed for a while, like ya do. I wasn’t even sleeping. Mostly I was just lying there trying to sleep and just rolling around like Honey Boo Boo with a 10 pound bucket of butter.

So about 11 I figured I should get up and accomplish something or other. (Still getting around to that bit.) So I gets up and rummage around for a while, like ya do. When all of a sudden, why do these things sneak up on us like they do?, I felt a jainkering in my lower mid-section. So I wonder off to Ye-Olde Terlit Hole to see a man about some business.

So as I’m sittin’ there conducting my affairs, like ya do, when I hear the fella who lives next to me lower his Terlit seat down. (…And not in a polite quiet fashion as one should either, I might add. And I think I will since I just added that sentence.)

So, there’s me, doing some fucking math homework and there’s this other fella who decided he wanted to do some math homework as well and the two of us are about 3 feet, at most, away from each other seperated by a poor excuse for a “wall”.

Now, I’m a professional, and I do my laundry in a timely and utmost fashion. No Snick-Snack, no Gatorade, no “How do ya do Guvna?” none of that Neo-Classist mallarky.

So there’s me, all sleep deprived and tired and still waking up and Math Homework Magoo over here is just a few feet away from my own buttocks cheeks doing his own laundry. With his own buttocks cheeks exposed to the elements.

While I’m sitting there enjoying a nice cup of Mountain Dew he grunts.

I’ma gonna just let that sink in for you.

I’m there, knitting a sweater-vest, and he’s there.

And he grunted.


I could clearly hear the sound of his face coming through the “wall” and piercing mine ear holes.

He grunted.

And I lost it.

My brain said, “fuck you, I’m out”. The rest of me said, “Balls”. And I laughed so hard. I couldn’t stop. That was one of my best laughs in years.

It was stupid. It was absurd. It was dumb. It was hilarious.

Here’s the best part;

I started laughing and other dude could totally hear me because he went dead silent. Like, seriously, dead silent. He went all, “Fuck. That dude heard my face hole noise.” silent. Which made me laugh even more and dumber.

Then he started laughing.

He started laughing.

He laughed.

So the Universe decided two dudes who live next to each other and share a “wall” with the bathroom should be sitting on the terlit, laughing, because the Universe thinks that shit’s funny.

I finished my math homework and sweater and went and hid in the living room. A whole 10 more feet away.

This is a man I am going to run into and chit-chat with, probably tomorrow, and then act like the two of us didn’t just laugh at each other while releasing the fireworks.

I’ve never felt so alive.

I agree with the Universe. That story pleases me greatly and I thank you for sharing it. :slight_smile: