The Eternal Threads

Which commercial do you hate?

What’s the story behind your username?

Why does radio suck?

Is Deckard a Replicant?

What are you reading?

Worst movie you ever saw.

…there are plenty more…

word associations, one, two…27 word posts, et al.

…word associations, one, two…27 word posts, et al.

Double-Posters Anonymous …

Just kidding.
Sequential Thread Titles.

“Eff-whatever-Effingness” in the Pit

Tonight’s Buffy/Angle

Jar Jar Binks- WTF?

Empire vs. Federation

whats your favorite sandwich?

Clean shaven pudenda

Whatever happened to all those sing-along threads?
But in Cafe, the everlasting threads are “ID this movie/tv show/cartoon/song/book/magazine/model/actor/parrot/video/poem/picture of Cecil Adams in the shower”

Hey GQ, do my math/physics/sociology homework for me (not always so shameless with the subject line, though)

Speed of light question

Can this be true!?!?@?

This [critically/publicly] well-regarded [movie/book/author/animal] is a piece of crap! (or, Why does [author/music genre/television show/animal] suck so much?)

Nice guys can’t get laid

My [insert body part here] is [red/swollen/bleeding/peeling/numb/blue/broken], should I see a doctor?

crush/flirt threads (especially during the last few days around here…)

[sub]I’ve been guilty of participating in them, but never yet starting one! :D[/sub]

The Movie Chain Link Game

Who’s going to heaven/hell? :confused:

Gun control
Bush is a dumbass
Liberals are ruining life for everyone

Gee, come on. What’s the issue? The threads aren’t intellectual enough for you, and you want to stop people from expressing themselves?

Me, I wouldn’t notice the moderators killing about 5/6 of the topics. (I had to go back and make that percentage larger three times.) But why cut off anyone who’s in the ballpark of being a Cecil fan? Quest for knowledge mean nothing to you?

If life is a rock and the radio rolls me

Ask the [fill in blank here]

Er, no complaint has been registered. These are simply threads that are always around, that’s all. “Eternal”, if you will. No judgement on their quality is implied or intended.

Which brings to mind the “eternal” WTF thread. I started one of those myself. :smiley: