Are you a thread killer? I am, and here's proof

You ever get that feeling that you’re arrived too late at a thread, yet still post, or regardless of thread length what you’ve just posted will put an end to it, and in either case that particular discussion is hereby resigned to the dustbin of page 2 and beyond?

Me too.

So I looked it up. Based upon the last 100 posts I’ve done, fully 10% are the last posts in a thread. One out of every 10 times I post, that thread is history. That is one high number.

Oh, and here’s a suggestion if you like your threads long and with lots of responses: make sure all your threads from here on out say “rexnervous, no posting here please”

It would be really funny if this thread sunk off the front page without a single reply.


I thought I was the only person with that power. I can very ably terminate this thread with my presence here! :smiley:

I’ve got you beat.

Out of 18 posts, not counting this one (yet), I’ve ended 2.
That’s 11.11%


Ha! This thread will never die!

Bwa ha ha ha ha!

I’ve killed threads that I’ve started. I think the mods should keep me on speed dial and when a thread has gone on and on beyond its natural life ask me to weigh in an put it out of its misery.

Oh boy. Round Two.

Damnit, Nightwatch, ya beat me to it. Anyway…

Take a good, hard, look at what happend in the thread Nightwatch, linked to. It was horrifying. IHKATAM threated the very existence of this message board as we know it. Please, for the love of the children, do not make this a thread-killing contest. It’ll only end in tears, I assure you.

Just stop posting to this thread now.

And don’t post “ok!” to my above request!

Well, this thread is definitely doomed now that Hal Briston has posted to it. Doomed to go on and on and on that is … :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, not quite.

Just out of curiosity, I did a vanity search for “all.” It came back with 500 threads (2 years worth) that I either started or posted in.

I killed 37. I thought it would be much worse. 7.4%, if my math is right.

I think I might have you on this one. I’ve killed more threads than Stalin killed people! I even started two threads that got NO POSTS!

Always leave em speechless, I say! :wink:

Gatopescado , thank goodness you are on this message board, you make me feel a lot better. Now did I kill this thread yet?

Well, one could argue that your contribution to each thread is so definitive, so insightful, so complete that there is nothing left to be said on the topic. To follow such a masterful post would be to stare one’s own shortcomings in the eye.

One could easily argue that. One would be wrong, of course. The truth is that the members of this message board universally find you distasteful and droll, and avoid you wherever possible.


I’d like to point out that people who vie for title of “Threadkiller” in threads like this actually hurt their threadkilling numbers, by watering down their kill-to-post ratio. In the 8 bazillion other threadkiller threads, a mod invariably locks it down, ensuring that no one, in fact, receives the ill-sought after title.

Proof of threadkilling powers would be killing this thread. I predict a victory for Cajun Man. Again.

Myself, I’m running about 5% – and that’s on threads, not posts. I rarely go more than a month without killing a thread, but I’ve learned not to mention it in polite company.

As Nightwatch Trailer pointed out, these things tend to develop a life of their own.

Well, I suppose we’d better get harmless and Rufus_Xavier in here to make whole thing official…

“…to make this whole thing official…”


Please note my superb numbers.

Over eight thousand posts.

I’ve damn near asphixiated every one of them.

I am to these boards what Godzilla is to Tokyo.

At the rate of my coma inducing skills I’m practically a Senator or Something Equally Self Important Bag o’ Wind.

Either that, or I’ve gained a true Super Power and am now Invisible.

I would like some pie with my whine.


The Serial Thread Murderess

I used to think that I was a thread killer. Then I realized that I have a tendency to post in threads where the participants have said all they want to say, and no one is reading anymore. That’s what I get for skimming through the forums looking for threads with the most replies.