I haven't killed a thread all month

There was a time when I was averaging about 25%-40% as a threadkiller. Now I can’t kill a thread even if I try! I don’t know whether it’s a sign of better posting, or just dumb luck.

Probably just dumb luck.

Don’t worry, I’ll finish this one off for you.

Sorry, lightning
er, lightingtool,

This one’s mine.



This thing may become The Thread That Would Not Die.

Unless I’ve just killed it, that is . . .

Yeah, by virtue of its very existence, you’re basically saying “whoever kills this thread wins”.

This puppy ain’t going anywhere for quite a while.

Please allow me to pull the plug.

OK, I will. :smiley:

I can kill this thread in seven posts…

Wow! Congratulations!

No, no no… you are suppose to say, " But I can kill this thread in six posts…" and so on…and then someone challenges you/me and …oh…never mind.

Name That Tune.

I just came by to pay my final respects to this thread.

Exterminate the silly thread!!
Exterminate the silly thread!!
Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!

I’m the real threadkiller and I have proof,
my post is my scythe.

Since the only threads I’ve been able to kill are my own and since this didn’t work out…
I claim this thread in the name of harmless!
Now DIE!!!
mwuhahahahaha :smiley:

I’m the all time champion threadkiller. I nearly always have the last word. Something about me apparently just leaves other Dopers nonplussed, stupefied, and speechless. Now just watch.

Oh, please, I can suck the life out of any thread.

I should change my user name to **BuzzKill. **

You know, watching this thread sink yesterday afternoon, I thought for sure harmless was going to be declared the TK (Thread Killer). But noooooo, Jomo Mojo had to resurrect it. :wink:

Should I call somebody a Nazi scumbag to speed things up?

Bloody hell.
Now I have to kill it all over again and here I am almost out of poison.
You guys sure don’t make this easy!

:harmless performs the Death of the Thread dance: