Part of me really wants to post to this BUT:

it has become clear over the last while that I am something of a thread-killer (must be the bran and egg-salad sandwiches) and I would hate to see this one dry out too soon… :wink:

This was supposed to be posted to Rue’s Introduce Yourself thread. I seem to have hit the wrong bouton. So it turns out, this post is not only banal and stupid, but entirely in the wrong place.

Mods? Might as well close this. Sorry…::humble scraping of the feet::


“Self-proclaimed ‘threadkiller’ kills his own thread. Film at 11”

:smiley: It’s actually an interesting observation on Board (Bored?) Psychology - 27 views in 13 minutes.

…oh, and one smartarsed rejoinder…

CLEAR! zap
CLEAR! zap

It`s ALive!

So who is playing the lead? I reckon Arnie would make a great threadkiller.

“I like you. I kill you last.” :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, the thread is nice and healthy. It should last all week. So jump in now before it gets old and tired. You’ve been warned.

My cat’s breath smells like…pie!

that this thread has better legs than half the threads I start deliberately… :rolleyes:

Oh, and welcome a-board haardvark.


Such a plump, tender and sweet little thread, just like a California raisin. Did you know raisins are actually dried grapes, that’s right dried in the shining yellow sun! Our sun is caled “Sol” from the Roman pantheon and derived from the Greek sun god Helios. Sol is also the musical syllable for the fifth tone of a diatonic scale and formerly a monetary unit of Peru. It’s also the end of the word Pine-Sol, a popular pine scented cleaner. Pine-Sol is powerful stuff and it can even clean up boxing rings after bloody fights…

There, the thread is reeling … someone needs to step in and finish it off.

:confused: erm, thanks, but actually I’ve been here a while, just not what you’d call a prolific poster.

But y’all make me laugh, learn, and scratch my head just about every day since last March or thereabouts.

Hey, don’t worry about that haardvark, I know exactly what you mean. I’ve been registered even longer than you (I think) and barely have more posts.

starts a band…My Life With The Thread Kill Cult! Yea baby!

There’s a 20% chance of rain in Jacksonville today, according to Channel 12 meteorologist Steve Smith. This is not good news for me because I’m trying to get my grass seed to root. Which means I have to water my yard a lot. Which means my water bill will be obscene.

And don’t get me started on the willow tree that’s leaning on my back fence - that sucker’s coming down! The tree, I mean. But if I don’t get the tree down, it’ll take the fence down and they’ll both be down, and then where will I be? I’ll tell you where I’ll be - in the back yard cutting up a downed tree and fixing the fence.

So, did anyone bring snacks?

You want a thread killed. I’m your man.

Such is the perverseness of Dopers… Laughs

I love this Board.

Trying to pull your thread down by its own bootstraps makes the baby Jesus cry.