I grow more and more irritated by the Burger King Power Chip

This is about blackjack.

I like watching various televised gambling events and GSN has been for the last few years running the so-called World Series of Blackjack. 40 or so players each year, a mix of pro players and qualifiers from various casinos. I’m not a big blackjack player and haven’t played tournament blackjack, but it’s been very interesting for me to learn something about tournament strategy, and there have been some pretty dramatic moments.

This series, the rules include something called the “Burger King Power Chip.” Or as I have come to think of it “The Abomination Unto the Lord Power Chip.” Each player gets one BKPC per game and the BKPC allows them to swap out one card per game for the next card in the shoe. So for example if they get dealt K-5 they can ditch the 5 and hope for a better draw.

I hate this. It’s a perversion of the rules of the game. Blackjack’s worked just fine without this abortion of a “power chip” for decades. Take the cards you’re dealt and suck it the hell up.

Even worse is that the unctuous hosts have to product place Burger King and the fucking power chip what seems like every 40 seconds. In the rules explanation: “New this season, players can have it their way with the Burger King Power Chip.” In the play by play: “Now Ben, Angela does still have her Burger King Power Chip, that’s a huge advantage for her!” When they actually use it: “Oh, it looks like Dave is going to use his Burger King Power Chip, he wants to have it his way now!” Horrible host people, shut the hell up! You’re recording the commentary after the event, so you know that 4 times out of five when you name-check the chip the player hasn’t used it. It’s annoying to listen to you blather repeatedly about the goddamn power chip when you know damn well it doesnt signify.

So, is it the the continuous Burger King’s Power Chip product placement recitation, or is it the Burger King’s Power Chip’s impact on game play that bothers you the most? I can understand your disdain for the Burger King’ Power Chip, in that you are something of a wagering purist, but without the Burger King’s Power Chip’s advertising support do you think the blackjack game would be televised at all?

Not the Burger King’s Power Chip support is without flaws, but really where would you be without it?

Aagh! Bastard!