I guess I don't know myself as well as I thought I did.

I’m a bit of a tomboy.

Ok, I’m a lot of a tomboy.
About 2 weeks ago, I learned of this thing called a Pandora bracelet. I thought it was totally stupid. As I bought charms for three of the people in my life, I made it clear to my best friend and boyfriend that I DID NOT WANT ONE!!!

My best friend got me an absolutely beautiful heart necklace with this engraved on it, “A friend reaches for your hand and finds your heart”. I might have mis-quoted that but you get the idea.

My boyfriend got me a camera!! I love my camera.

My boyfriend’s mom got me…

A Pandora bracelet. Apparently my boyfriend neglected to pass the message along.

I totally love it. :smack:
I didn’t know they came in different sizes. I don’t generally wear bracelets, partly because of the tomboy thing, but mainly because they never fit me. This bracelet fits perfectly.

She also got me a charm with my birthstone dangling from it.
I can’t wait for my birthday in 19 days so I can have a reason to get more charms. I wonder if Disney has gotten on the bandwagon. It would be cool to get a Disney charm when I’m down there.
I don’t generally tell people what I want for gifts. I NEVER tell people what I don’t want.

I told my boyfriend I wanted the camera and I said I didn’t want the bracelet.

This worked out very well for me. Maybe I should be more assertive at Christmas in the future.