I guess I'm just lucky in love. She almost was blinded by my steep slope!

I found this in my junk email folder at work.

She likes to live life on the edge.

Was she looking at your Photobucket album collection of Berms and Arêtes of the World?

Did she send her photo? Was she spathic?

His real life middle name is Cliff.

You’re heading for a fall if you do this!

Some guys are born with a blinding escarpment and some aren’t.

My escarpment won’t blind you, but it will make you squint.

I’m trying to think of an appropriate “Is that a ________ in your pocket…” joke.

Is your slope slippery as well?

You should ask if she was ever a Rockette. They only accept gneiss girls.

Just remember, if the earth doesn’t move for you, it isn’t your fault.

Talus about it. Humour is hard.

Cyrano? Is that you?

reticulating splines

No, forgive me… I meant your apartment.

I’m thinking it isn’t a coincidence that a thesaurus lists “face” as a synonym for escarpment.

I think you’ve broken the code. That’s hilarious.

I wonder if the carpet matches the iron curtain?

Ask her for a picture of her breastworks… :o